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Panting With Tongue Hanging Out

Posted on: September 25, 2007

Busy, busy, busy. I’m supposed to be on PTO (paid time off aka vacation) this week and next Monday  but will need to do some work while in California. One of my problems is what the heck am I supposed to do with my laptop when I’m out at a workshop or touring San Francisco? Seriously. Do people just hope and pray it’s still in their room when they come back from wherever they’ve been? Do they hide it in their suitcase under dirty clothes? Do they bring it with them wherever they go? I’ll figure it out I’m sure but it’s kind of freaking me out. There’s a LOT of data on it that I would hate to lose. Anyway, I’ll probably end up doing about 8 – 12 hours worth of work while there. But not before my knitting, by god.

Thank you to my SP11 pal – I received your clever package yesterday and its fantastic contents. It took me a while to figure out how you did it. Very sneaky!

My pal sent me 3 skeins of some great colors of yarn, some chocolates (they’re gone now and there are only two in the picture – hey, I have only so much chocolate control, people), a sample of Eucalan and she also included a handmade card which is very beautiful. Oh, plus she sent two patterns she is suggesting I try for knitting lace as I am chicken to do so. I forgot to include those, sorry. But now I have three different kinds of yarn to practice on. Thank you so much!!


Is this clever packaging or what? I can’t wait to try it myself. Yes, you’re seeing correctly it’s a 2 liter pop bottle.

Did more hand dyeing over the weekend with Kool-aid, really fun and really fast. For your viewing pleasure see pictures below. You can see larger pictures at my flickr account.

Hand Dyed Yarn By Me Lime and Lemonade

 I can’t think of the name of this one

 Orange and Lemonade

 Crystal Light Pink Lemonade (I was out of the pink Kool-aid by the time I did this one)


Hand Dyed Yarn By Me Pink Lemonade and Lime 

I’ve been intrigued by my neighbor’s flowers so here are some shots of those (again go to the flickr account to see them larger).



We’ve been dogsitting since Saturday for our neighbor’s while they’re in Philly, well, we’re just feeding him and letting him run around in their yard until he gets pooped. Then we put him in the kennel. If we don’t put him in there he sits at the end of the sidewalk by the gate just waiting for someone to come play with him. He’s got bad hips so to be on that cold concrete so much isn’t good, at least in his kennel he has padding he can rest more comfortably on.

A big thank you to Robyn for going to the trouble of making a little video for me so I could figure out how to skein yarn. Check out her blog for the entry made 9/24. Nice job, Robyn! Thanks again!

Okay – I’m off tomorrow morning to California and won’t return until next Monday night. I couldn’t convince hubby to go with so I’m flying solo again (gee, that great big bed all for ME?). I’m excited even though I haven’t started packing yet but I do have my list of stuff I need to bring. So off I go to pack! Ta ta, ya’ll.

7 Responses to "Panting With Tongue Hanging Out"

Have fun in Cali!

Can you please reveal HOW your secret pal made a mailer out of a soda bottle?!* This is so cool. And I’m amazed that the postal service allowed it! Please do tell more.

OMG that green and pink combo is just beautiful… *crossing fingers that the one i won looks even remotely like that.

You could either put the laptop in the room safe (if it has one) or the front desk will hold it for you. I have been dying (hahaha) to try Kool-aid dying. Another fun thing to put on my list. Great stuff from your SP and the soda bottle packaging is too cool.

Have a great trip! I never worried about my laptop when I had to leave it in my room, but would it fit in your room safe?

Pretty please, reveal how she did that? I’m dying to know!

That is a really clever use of the soda bottle! Never mind how she got it in the bottle, how did you get it out?

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