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San Francisco Part 1 of 2

Posted on: October 4, 2007

Hi all! I have returned! Yes, I really have. I actually got home on Monday night (very, very, very late – thank you so much United – you arses) but have been too pooped to do much besides unpack, sleep and work. But last night I uploaded my photos to flickr and tonight it’s time to blog. Grab a cup of joe (or just grab Joe) and have a sit down.

Mon – Sept 24th

This was my first day of vacation and so hubby and I decided to head to the Mall of America for a lunch date. I shopped for some clothes while he walked and then together we had a nice lazy lunch.

Tues – Sept 25th

Being the second day of vacation and knowing I was going to be gone starting Wed and not returning until Mon, hubby and I had another lunch date, this time in Stillwater at a restaurant called The Dock Cafe. Lovely place to relax and enjoy a good meal. Afterwards we wandered around Stillwater and then took our time going home by taking the non-freeway route as weren’t in any hurry!

Wed – Sept 26th

My flight was to leave at 9am but for some reason the crew wasn’t ready yet so it was delayed by an hour. Got to Denver with a short amount of time to spare to get the connecting flight to Oakland. While I don’t mind having a layover it’s stressful having to cut it that close. Had we not been delayed in Mpls it wouldn’t have been an issue. Finally got to Oakland airport – yeah! It was gorgeous out! I called the hotel to find out where to catch the complimentary shuttle – there wasn’t one. Oh. Hm. Now what. Okay, I can do this, I’ll take BART. I’m all for public transportation so why not.

I caught a shuttle for $3 from the airport that would bring me to a BART station. Once there I was to buy a ticket for $1.40 and catch a train to 12th Street. Worked awesome! There was a man on the platform that I’m still not sure if he actually works for BART or not or if he just hangs out up there. He was in a wheelchair and was a Vietnam vet. He answered everybody’s question’s about what train to take where and offered other information about what other things to see as well. His teeth were broken and his hand was kind of mangled. After he offered his information and advice he’d ask if you could spare some change.  Any change will do, even pennies because they spend too. So I did.

Now, talk about a small world? He grew up in a city near me – no kidding. His house was one of the first in that area back in the 50’s. Go figure. Standing on a train station platform in Oakland, California and the first person I meet and chat with is from a city close by me.

My train eventually came and I hopped on it – well, lugged on it with my crap is what I really did as I had a big suitcase and my backpack. About 15 mins later I got off, went up the escalator and ta da – there was my hotel. Couldn’t have been more simple than that and it certainly couldn’t have been any cheaper! And it’s safe, trust me. At least in the daylight – I can’t talk to what it’s like at night as I haven’t experienced it but I’ve never heard anything bad.

Got unpacked and went for a stroll down Broadway, found a Walgreen’s and picked up a couple of things I forgot to bring and then found a pizza joint on the way back and got a personal pizza to go (by now it’s about 4 pm California time and 6 pm Minnesota time, so I was ready for dinner). Ate it in my room and then went outside for another walk around the hotel to get my bearings. Excellent weather – 81 degrees. No kidding. Then back to my room for an excellent view of the sunset outside my window.

Thurs – Sept 27th

I had two workshops to attend at the Knit and Crochet Show – to be honest, I didn’t learn anything more than I already knew. That sucked because of course these aren’t free workshops. But who cares, the important thing was – Friday was the next day of vacation and that meant touring San Francisco with Marie!

Tune in tomorrow for more details and yes – lots of pictures.

(If you’re impatient and want to see some pics, go to my flickr account and browse around, you’ll feel even more informed when you read the next entry.)

2 Responses to "San Francisco Part 1 of 2"

Hey, I recognize the Far West Fungi shop from the Ferry building! I wanted to buy one of their long sleeve t-shirts with the cool logo on it, but they were out of my size. Looking forward to Part 2!

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