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San Francisco Part 2 of 2

Posted on: October 5, 2007

So, where was I? Oh yes.

Friday, Sept 28th

Marie and I met in the lobby of my hotel to begin a day of touring in San Francisco. Marie and I had actually never met before this. She was my One Skein Exchange spoiler last year and we just seemed to hit it off via email so when I knew I was going to be in Oakland for the Knit and Crochet convention, it seemed only right that we meet up and do some touring.

We headed down Broadway to find a place for breakfast. We had coffee and a light breakfast at a place called Urban Grind (I think). It used to be a gas station. We continued on and decided to check out Jack London Square and figured as long as we were there we might as well grab a ferry to SF instead of BART. She used her handy dandy Blackberry and got the time for our ferry. Perfect timing, we didn’t have to wait long at all. It was a bit chilly and sort of/not really raining. Just sprinkles now and then.

On the way to the ferry building in SF the ferry passes these huge container ships. Oh man, the ships themselves are amazingly big – think about it – the containers are basically boxcars. Imagine them stacked one on top of the other, a LOT of them.

Once off the ferry we headed into the ferry building and while Marie bought some water, I took a couple of pictures of a cool mushroom place for my BF. She’s a mushroom lover, bigtime.  Not me, fungi?? No thanks. Check out this picture, CP! It’s taken especially for you!

 From the ferry building we went to catch a bus (that we never found) that would take us to or at least near Coit Tower. We ended up on a cable car (gee, darn!) instead that we took to a stop pretty close by the tower. This was my first time on a cable car and as we were chugging up the hill I stuck my camera out and took this:

We hoofed our way up to the tower and it was not without effort on my part, believe me. It was alllllll uphill, people. Nothing like a vacation to knock you on the head super hard to say um, excuse me? You’re out of shape, girlfriend, do something about it!!

Poor Marie, I had to have her stop and let me take breathers on the way. She can move that one, she’s a small girl but she can go. At one point going up to the tower we found this asphalt path that wound its way around a hill and eventually gets you right to the tower. Well, the sprinklers were on full tilt on the hill going up and we had to dodge them to get up the hill. Kind of funny and actually they cooled ME off as my back got wet going past one of them.

The tower was very interesting and I took quite a few pictures from the top of it (you ride in this elevator to the top that once it gets there it has quite the bumpy landing, then you walk up some stairs to get to the actual tower top and there you can take pictures). Here’s one of my favorites, you can go to my flickr account to see more. See the pointy tower in the back on the right? That’s the Transamerica Building which we didn’t go see but we got awfully close.

From here we walked downhill (yeah!!!) and found a neat little place to have lunch at. It was called The Steps Of Rome. We sat outside at a tiny table and enjoyed a great lunch and people-watched. Across the street from us was another place that would have fun to eat at if only because of the name. The Stinking Rose.

We wandered around this area and did some book shopping. I picked up a book called San Francisco Noir – it’s a book of short stories about SF and also by SF authors. In the same area we came upon these places –

Note the Beat Museum – stopped in there and picked up a few choice items for my husband, child of the hippie era.

From here we caught a bus that would get us somewhat close to our next stop – Lombard Street. But not close enough, we had to take a second bus (or was that a cable car, Marie?, I forget now). Anyway, many of the buses in SF are ‘green’, no gas. So sometimes when going around corners the wires come undone and the driver has to reattach them.

Good thing we don’t need to this in Minnesota, it would be mighty ch-ch-chilly in the winter trying to do this.

Once we got off the next bus and were a few blocks away from Lombard, Marie pointed out that we could see Coit Tower from where we were. See it in the background there?

Finally made our way to Lombard Street. This was a treat, it really was. Not even so much for the crooked street part but because the houses there had such beautiful flowers and entrances. But I still liked the crooked part, especially since we would be going DOWN Lombard and not UP. Here a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.

 Fruit tree on Lombard Street!


What next…we continued to walk downhill until we came to the dock area again and at this point it was time to visit Ghirardelli Square. We didn’t do a tour but we did go into the shop, received a free piece of chocolate and looked around. I bought a huge bag of chocolates and brought them back to the office this week. Perfect way to win friends, eh?

After checking out some of the other places in this area we headed down to the ferry building again to catch a ferry back. We had a LONG wait. Finally a trolley car came and we took that there. We got off and Marie noticed that there were a ton of people around on bikes. She realized that it was Critical Mass night. So instead of taking the ferry back we decided to hang around and check out CM and then grab BART back to Oakland. Some shots for you of the event.

Before you view these photos, or after, do read what it’s about. While I’m all about biking and walking and not polluting up our air unnecessarily, the thing that bothered me about this is that they are actually breaking the law. I think it’s great people want to go ‘green’ but to actually illegally block traffic (see ‘corking’ in the link of CM above) is wrong. There just has to be another way to get your point across, don’t you think?



I still have more so I guess I’ll have to have a part 3! See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to "San Francisco Part 2 of 2"

Awesome photos! Really!

Ooo, you missed a treat at The Stinking Rose – we ate there, and everything is absolutely smothered in garlic! Even, yes, dessert, which is garlic ice cream.

Fabulous photos so far – I can’t wait to see the rest!

Hi Patty! Thanks for visiting my blog and wanting to contribute some hats for my project! I couldn’t access your email from your comment, so send me a message to purlygates AT gmail DOT com and I’ll give you my mailing addy. Looks like you had a great time in the Bay Area-so glad you were here when the weather was fab!

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