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San Francisco Part 3 of 3

Posted on: October 6, 2007

I know I started out thinking it would be only 2 parts but by the end of yesterday’s post I realized that wasn’t going to happen.

Friday, Sept 28th

I realized I hadn’t actually finished Friday yesterday so here goes. After we watched Critical Mass for a while we headed over to BART to grab a train back to Oakland. Marie was the smart one, she actually sat down on the floor and was stretching her legs. I didn’t so I paid later. Once we got to Oakland she headed for her bike that she had ridden down to meet me on and I went to the hotel. Up in my room – which was a fantastic view, by the way, – I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and sat down in the chair, put my feet up, turned on the tv and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up I realized I was hungry but it was late so I passed on going somewhere or ordering up dinner and instead had a breakfast bar. Oh, when I stood up to get the bar I nearly fell over. Remember how I said I realized (not that I didn’t already know this) that I’m out of shape in the last post? Well, duh. My knees were killing me.

My knees are weird. Even in my younger days and not so fluffy in weight my knees hurt after working out, walking a lot, biking, whatever. Finally found out about 10 years ago why. I lack the right amount of cartilage in my knees which means that my knee bones rub together and that gets a bit uncomfortable when I overdo it. But with a little rest and some acetaminophen I end up just fine.

Went to bed after reading my new book a little bit and fell alseep and slept like a baby.

Saturday, Sept 29th

Because I had already been to the market (for the show where they sell yarn, books, etc) I had no need to go there on Saturday but Marie wanted to go. So she headed to that and when she was done called me and we went and had lunch at a Vietnamese place behind the hotel. I think it was called La Chapel. They served us a cup of soup first – it was light cream based chicken type soup. Very good. I ordered some spicy orange beef and if I remember right, Marie ordered a BBQ pork dish. Good food, I highly recommend it.

I had brought Marie a few Minnesota things as a thank you for being my tour guide. I tortured her by taking them out of the bag myself one at a time. I love doing that. I gave her a 1 pound bag of Minnesota wild rice that actually has a little story on the label about the rice, a pretty bag of wild blueberry pancake mix, 2 little packages of Stix Mixes that you add to mayo or sour cream and dip veggies or chips into, a stuffed loon as that is our state bird (you press a spot on it and it makes the loon sound), a tiny plastic moose ornament that has her name on its belly, a magnet from Silver Bay featuring Rocky Taconite and finally, a book called You Know You’re a Minnesotan If…(funny thing is, her husband actually spent some time living in Minnesota years ago…small world, right?).

After lunch she went back to her house and I went to my room to get some office work done. Yes, that did come with me and I worked on it every now and then. But the day was too pretty to be inside the whole time so I ended up going for a nice walk later on.

Sunday, Sept 30th

I decided to head for Jack London Square where I was going to catch a ferry to SF to take a Bay Cruise. I wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge up close and personal, this was the way to do it. Here are some photos of the cruise and also from the ferry ride over from Oakland (some color and some B&W).

Golden Gate Bridge from the Bay Cruise



Bay Bridge (spans Oakland to San Francisco)

I thought this was sweet, he (guessing was grandpa) was pointing out things to this child.

After the cruise I had the option of heading right back to the hotel because there was a ferry leaving or waiting another hour and a half and do some shopping along there instead. Hmm. Such choices. Yes, I shopped.

One of my goals was to find some earrings, didn’t know what I really wanted but I knew I wanted some. I found a number of t-shirts, a coffee mug for a woman at work who was backing me up while I was gone, made my way down to where the food was and ate lunch at Cafe Dante. Watched a magician do some tricks, passed by a store where I saw this cute little glass pink pig. I mean little – maybe an inch and a half long by an inch. Curly tail, the whole thing. I’m going to give it to Mindy who is a pig collector. Her birthday just happens to be coming up so it’s perfect timing.

Then I found this neat place that had a big sign that said Fun Earrings! I went in and bought a pair of what are called Ear Fancy’s. Think of a bobby pin, stick one end in the hole in your ear, the back side of the pin goes up the back of your ear and the front side slides up the front. So it looks like you’re wearing multiple earrings but you’re not. Sold. Had to have them. Go to Harry Mason’s site and you’ll find all sorts of fun things.

Made my way back to the ferry that would take me back to Oakland. About two blocks from my hotel – boom – migraine. Bad one. Which sucked in more ways than you can imagine because I was invited to Marie’s that afternoon and evening for a street fair and an ice cream party. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  But I did get to see her again on Monday for breakfast.

Monday, Oct 1st

Marie and I met up for breakfast and went to a place that my BF and I had gone to when she and I were in Oakland last year. It’s called Metro Crepes. You can get sweet crepes there but the attraction for my BF and I were the scrambled egg ones. And that’s what Marie and I had.

This time Marie brought ME gifts. Silly woman, she didn’t need to do that! But I sure appreciated it. She gave me the gifts in a really pretty gift bag (must take pics of these items, I haven’t yet). There was a package of Body Art Glitter Tattoos. As we were on the ferry on Friday she noticed I have a tattoo on my right ankle of a moon with stars. That got me joking that it would be funny for my husband (maybe not) if I came home with a tattoo! I had forgotten about that and here she finds these! I’ll definitely put them to use.

She also gave me a package of these gorgeous gift enclosure tags in my favorite colors – blue, purple and a deep red. What else…oh, one of those cool things you squeeze with your hand to flex your hand muscles, it’s by IsoFlex (I actually had that with me at the airport when I was stuck in Denver, used it to release my TENSION!!) and last but not least, a very pretty Indian Elephant magnet. See why I need to take pics for you? These things are really pretty so I’ll be sure to get one out here tonight or tomorrow.

I checked out of the hotel at noon, took BART to the station where I could hook up with a shuttle to the airport, got there and checked in. The flight left about a half hour late, got to Denver where all hell broke loose because United didn’t book a crew for the flight to Mpls. What??? How the hell can you not book a crew? So the entire flight had to rebook through Frontier (some didn’t even get ON Frontier because that was a regular flight for them and now they were adding passengers). Without going into the details because it just gets me more stressed out – let’s just say that it should NOT take 13 hours to get from California to Minnesota, United Airlines…I’m just saying.

So that was my trip and I had a wonderful time. Thank you once again to Marie for being my tour guide, I would not have been able to do the things we did if you hadn’t been there with me. I had a blast! 🙂

Here is Marie checking out Critical Mass

And here is my goodbye for this post, a view from my hotel room


3 Responses to "San Francisco Part 3 of 3"

You gotta love Harry Mason! I have several pairs of his earrings! Glad you had a good time. Did you pick United over North West to avoid the trouble you wound up having? Also glad you actually made it home!

What a great trip! That picture of Marie looking at Critical Mass is right outside the hotel I stayed in during my last visit. Nice shot of the sunet too!

Thanks for the great write-up! I’m going to San Francisco for the first time at the end of October, and I can’t wait! Now I have a few things to check out!

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