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Stressssssssssssed Out

Posted on: October 13, 2007

Just way too much going on these days, my friends. I’m just all freaked out by everything I need to do – work, home, crafts and now Christmas is looming. This afternoon while getting chili into the crock-pot (sign of fall, yes?) I found myself getting more stressed just thinking of everything I need to do. Solution? Take a nap. No really, I did. I’ve discovered over time that if I just disappear for a short while I’ll be in a better mood to deal with things. They won’t be resolved magically while I sleep (darn), they’ll still be there. But I am usually in a better mood to work things through.

That said I have a HUGE piece of paper about the size of a poster that I’ve started writing my to-do’s on. My goal is to get everything at least OUT of my head and ONTO paper. Hopefully giving the braincells a break.

Enough whining.  On to good stuff! 

I received my mittens and some extra goodies from Sabrina in the mittenswap I hosted, check them out. Thank you so much Sabrina, excellent color choice and I am loving all of the hot chocolate!! The stitch-markers are very pretty and by the way…the fruit candy? All gone. 🙂

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Hope things are a little less stressful for you in the future.

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