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Saturday Satisfaction

Posted on: October 20, 2007

Today I had a stitch and bitch at my house. There were only 5 of us which actually was kind of nice, quite cozy. The weather was and is still awesome, we sat out on the deck the whole time. Realize something…this is Minnesota and we were on the deck from 2 – 5:30. Nice and warm and having fun. I’d still be out there but I had to tidy up the kitchen.

My mom and sister came and so did my step-daughter. My bf came early so we could make cream cheese/jalepeno wontons (awesome and not overly hot even with the peppers, they really just gave them flavor) and chocolate dipped strawberries for the party. I had never made wontons before and she had never made chocolate dipped strawberries before so we both benefited from the ‘together’ cooking time. Thanks CP!

I worked on my monkey socks – MUST – GET – THEM – DONE – ASAP – and as I had to redo one of them (I missed a round maybe two, of the pattern and it was very noticable) I’m farther behind than I wanted to be at this point and they’re due in the recipient’s hands no later than November 1st.  Both socks are ready to have the heel flap worked, then the heel turn. I’m hoping I’ll have that much done yet tonight before I go to bed.

So a very satisfactory Saturday in the neighborhood. Hope you all had a great day as well.

Back to my socks now, ta ta.


1 Response to "Saturday Satisfaction"

Jalapeno wontons! Yum! I’m laboring away on your monkey socks. I finished the first one over the weekend and have to cast on for the other. Hope I cna make the deadline! Got you some cool stuff for your monkey package at Rhinebeck!

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