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Posted on: November 1, 2007

Don’t forget I have a contest going! I’m extending the entry due date to Sunday, November 4th because I love to give opportunities to LOTS of people to win stuff. So far there are two entrees (both good, by the way) but I want more so go ahead and leave a comment at the post if you want to enter the contest!

Last Saturday my step-daughter and her boyfriend came over and we carved pumpkins in the new studio and listened to Christmas music at the same time. This has been a tradition for us for something like 7 years. We had a a lot of fun though we used templates to design our pumpkins. I for one, am just not imaginitive enough beyond two holes for eyes, a triangle for a nose and another hole for a mouth. So the paper templates work really well. K decided to bring her pumpkin home with her but J decided to leave his here. Last night we put them out with candles. J made the face and I made the bat. I think he did an awesome job, in fact, there was a huge potential for pieces to break off while carving and none did. Unfortunately, the picture I took of K’s pumpkin last Saturday didn’t turn out at all, it was blurry. She carved a trio of ghosts.

 bat pumpkin

If you haven’t received your Socks That Rocks Kit for October, don’t continue if you want to be surprised. I’m in LOVE with this colorway. Seriously gorgeous! Even though darker colors are difficult for me to see to knit, this will be worth any agony endured.

Speaking of knitting, off I go to continue working on Mr. Greenjeans. Did you think I’d given up on that? No way, I just got behind with my other obligations but last night I started on the cable section so I hope in the next week or so it will be done!


1 Response to "Mish Mash"

Oooh I love that colorway. And for your contest…how about…
“it’s all about the purl”
“living, loving, and knitting one day at a time”

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