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California In February

Posted on: November 4, 2007

Yep. I’m going to Stitches in February in Santa Clara, CA. At first I wasn’t going to because I thought I only saw one workshop I thought I’d like so it wouldn’t be worth the money for airfare, lodging, etc. Since then I spent a little more time going over the workshops available and realized there are actually three that I’m interested in. So the workshops are on Thursday and Friday during that long weekend and then the plan would be to meet up with Marie (my friend in San Francisco) like we did at the end of September, and check out Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz. I want to see both of those areas badly. I don’t care if it isn’t 80 degrees at that time of year there, I just want to SEE it. I’d love to experience whale watching, perhaps some beach walking, check out the aquariums. I just requested the free tour guides for both and once I get them I’ll be checking off fun places to check out.

Workshops. What am I taking? Well, though I don’t do a lot of cablework I love doing small projects like bags or mittens. I’ve signed up for a workshop with Melissa Leapman (my first workshop with Stitches about 6 years ago was with her, she’s awesome – she never makes you feel stupid for asking questions, she’s patient and she always has chocolate!), it’s called Cable Variations – The Next Tier. I’ve taken every workshop she’s had so far and I’ve been waiting for about 2 years for another to come up that I’d like. Yeah for me that this one came up!

The second one is also a cable workshop caled Morphing Cables taught by Fiona Ellis. Just sounded interesting so why not? The last is called Nordic Color – An Inlay Technique from Estonia taught by Nancy Bush. I haven’t taken workshops with either of them so it will be an interesting experience.

One thing I’d like to say about going to Stitches whether it’s East, West or Midwest, you will eventually (if you go multiple times) find you like certain instructors over others. There are two instructors that I will never take another workshop with no matter what class either of them ever offer. They were both rude, condescending and very impatient when I took their workshops. And heaven forbid if you interrupted to ask questions. What I find amazing is that they’re both still there. Maybe they own part of Stitches, I don’t know. Another tidbit, when my BF and I were in Oakland in 2006 for the Knit and Crochet Show, we overheard those very two instructors talk about their students in extremely unflattering ways. That clinched it for me.

Off to work on Mr. Greenjeans. Or the hat I’m making for charity. Or my nephew’s sweater. Or, or, or, or…


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