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Monkeysock Swap & A Winner

Posted on: November 5, 2007

I cannot tell a lie, what I’ve got in the paragraph below is exactly what I typed at the monekysock swap blog. Would that be plagiarism upon thyself? Hmm. At any rate, read on.

A Monkey Kind Of Day

Clearly, all of the monkey’s have been trying to get to their new homes as I received mine today as well! Not only did I receive the beautiful socks, currently warming my toes, but a funny book (called Sock Monkey Dreams – daily life at the red heel monkey shelter, I’m already laughing just at the title!), a notions container (metal, very cool), a monkey key chain, some needle tip holders, a row counter, some very pretty yarn from ellens half pint farm in greens/blues (love it!) and the sock pattern I was hankering for – Flicker. But I also received (like that wasn’t enough, Kim?) my very own sock monkey who has found a spot for himself on my bookcase in the office. Everything was packaged in a big orange bag and also wrapped in tissue. I am floored and so appreciative, thank you very much Kim!!




Tagline Contest Winner

I have to tell you that this was so, so hard to come to a decision. It really was. There were a lot of great taglines offered as possibilities and it took me a long time today to figure out which one I liked best. There’s a tie. Yep. A tie.

In alphabetical order the winners are:

Bethc – she wrote ‘knitting through the looking glass’ which combines my knitting hobby with my stained glass hobby, nice job.

SP11 pal – she suggested about 3 taglines but I like ‘dropping her stitches to type up the tale’ the best.

So, Beth please email me your address so I can send you your prize and SP11 pal you can do the same and I just won’t put your name on the package since I don’t know it yet. Hmm. I’ll just put SP11 Pal. 🙂

Because I’ve chosen two taglines I’ll use Beth’s for November and SP11’s for December. Then next year I will rotate the three taglines (both of yours and mine) on a monthly basis.

 Thank you to everyone for participating, I really appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into your ideas. Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


2 Responses to "Monkeysock Swap & A Winner"

The looking glass tag is really clever!

The new tag line is great! I am so happy to see the monkeys on your feet. They fit, & I am so glad. I got a little thrill seeing the stuff I sent you on your blog. The Sock Monkey looks like he’s very happy in his new home.

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