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Swap Etiquette

Posted on: November 15, 2007

Rant ahead. You’ve been warned.

Maybe I’m just a bit impatient and this is not a proper thing to do. Maybe I’m pms’ng. But I have to vent anyway.

I recently hosted my own mitten swap and was a participant in the monkeysock swap. Here’s where we stand on both.

Mitten Swap 

I sent my mitten package off to the recipent and after a couple of days checked out on USPS whether it was delivered. It was. I sent a note on 11/2 because it had been a couple of days since it was delivered to ask if she had the package. She replied that she knows she got a package but she wasn’t at home, she was at an office offsite but would get back to me on Monday which would have been 11/5. I’m okay with that. I have heard absolutely NOTHING to date. However, I happened to glance at her blog last night and she has a post that indicates she’s been spoiled. She has two picture on there, one is all of the goodies I sent with the mittens and another of a dishcloth. She indicated that everything was from the person spoling her in the dishcloth swap. I left a comment saying basically, oops, I think you’ve mixed up your swaps because all the goodies in the first picture (which did not include the mittens) are from me. I also sent an email saying the same thing as it kind of irks me – the tag that was sent with it and is in the picture even mentions the mittenswap. I truly think she just got her packages mixed up but MY point is this. It’s been 12 days since she last communicated to me. I am very aware of how life can get us so busy we can’t blog about our packages received in a timely way but I have a hard time understanding why she couldn’t have at least sent me an email to say thank you – even if she didn’t like the color I chose for her mittens (her favorite is pink but I went with another color she likes, teal). I even included things for her kids and since it was right at Halloween, I included Halloween themed items plus apple cider, hot chocolate and candy. Also, if she didn’t LIKE the mittens, by all means tell me. Just communicate with me, don’t leave me in the dark thinking not so great things about you because I am guessing you’re a very decent human being.

Monkeysock Swap

This package was FULL of fun stuff. A pattern and socks to make that pattern (a requirement of the swap), two monkey related items (also a requirement), additional monkey themed things, a skein of STR yarn as an added bonus because I have a feeling the socks I made her might be too big and I wanted to give her that as a way to make up for the sizing. As those who know about STR yarn, it runs anywhere from 21 – 25 bucks per skein so I think that was a generous thing to do. I also included other items and all of it was wrapped in tissue (as were the mitten swap items). I contacted her after seeing that the delivery confirm for her said that they had attempted to drop off the package but had to leave a slip indicating she could had to go pick it up. However, after a certain amount of time they will return the package to sender if it isn’t picked up. She told me on the 5th that she would pick it up as soon as possible. I haven’t heard anything from her either. Not an email, not a blog posting, nothing.

I’m not looking for big pats on the back people, I just want to know if you got the package and if you liked the stuff in it. I work hard at trying to make sure people get what they’ll like. And if I’m wrong, please, please, tell me so I can make up for that. If I goofed and you really hate the teal colored mitts, I’ll make you another pair. If you’re really pissed that the socks are too big, tell me, I’ll somehow make up for that. Just talk to me.


6 Responses to "Swap Etiquette"

This is so frustrating. Your package for me during our Notions Bag Swap was *so* thoughtfully prepared and I was just admiring the cute pink skeins you included as ‘extras’, thinking about what to knit with them. Hope you get some word from these folks.

People who don’t have etiquette are SOOO wrong in my books. I can’t stand people who are like that! It irks me to no end! And it’s way too bad for everyone else – you know? It ruins things!

My secret pal person has let me know she received the packages but each time it was on her blog, ehich she rarely writes on. Every time it’s been a quick mention “there was lots of stuff” and a mention of the camera plug being lissing so she can’t take pics but will tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. I’ve been lucky on the other side. My spoiler has given me great and wonderful packages and I’ve told her and all of blog world how great she is. If she takes the time to shop & ship for me, I can take the time to thank her properly! Sorry your people have been found lacking.

Maybe this is why I’ve never participated in a swap, you never know if the person your swapping to is as conscientious as you or if they appreciate the effort you put into the fantastic thematic gift. That and…I’d have to finish something on a schedule.

That sucks. I know when I get a yarny package in the mail, I can’t wait to e-mail the sender to offer thanks & praise. Very frustrating for you to receive little or no response fro your swappees. If someone takes the time to put together a package of goodies, acknowledge receipt and thank them! If a person can’t do that, then maybe that person should think twice before signing up for a swap.

I hear you! I sent a freaking awesome monkey package to my swappie. I got very short email saying it arrived. Nothing on my swappie’s blog since August. No postings on la monkey blog. I have no idea if the socks fit, if they were liked, nuffin. But I was so stoked about the kewl monkey stuff I included — And I mailed it from AUSTRALIA. Hello? Yup. I was the idiot who forgot to take a piccie of the pack before I sent it off. Sorry you weren’t my monkey pal. Wish you had been.

Keep knitting! Mel in Oz

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