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Swap Etiquette & SP11 Thank You

Posted on: November 17, 2007

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the post regarding swap etiquette, I was thrilled to read it wasn’t just me! I had honestly thought I was being overly-sensitive when I wrote it or was pms’g which is why it took me so long to finally post it, but apparently I’m not the only one who feels the way I do. So thank you to the commenters, I appreciate your feedback.

 Speaking of thank you’s, I owe one!


Jen, you wild woman you. I felt like it was my birthday or Christmas when I was opening the packages you sent me. Seriously. Each one was such a wonderful and fun surprise.

There was the yummy chocolate (which I ate while unwrapping everything), Nature’s Palatte yarn in two pretty colors, three handmade dpn holders, gorgeous stitchmarkers and a matching row counter, a tape measure, a unique stained glass piece (so cool!), a felted bar of soap with some extra roving and instructions on how to make my own felted soap and felted beads, Burt’s Bees goodies (I’m a big BB fan!), pedicure kit, lip gloss, bath flakes, a handpainted egg ornament, a yarn requirements guide and as if all of that isn’t enough, a handbound book that she made (wish you could see it in person, the paper is beautiful). In fact, I would bet she made all of the handmade items she sent.

I’m planning to use the book in the stained glass studio studio for jotting down design ideas and the unique stained glass piece will have its own place in the studio as well.

Jen, thank you for being such a fun and wonderful pal. Please don’t be a stranger, okay, let’s stay in touch!


2 Responses to "Swap Etiquette & SP11 Thank You"

In fact, I would bet she made all of the handmade items she sent.

yes, i did 🙂 i had fun thinking up things to make for you.

i’m so glad you liked it all!

Sweet loot! Jen is a good spoiler – you were lucky! I still have gotten nothing in SP11. I think it’s the curse of international pals. (SP9 was cursed – now SP11!!~)

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