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Posted on: November 18, 2007

I made this pair of baby socks from a pattern I bought at the Loopy Ewe. The yarn is leftover from a pair of socks I made from some STR yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They are for my cousin’s daughter (who is more of a niece to me) who is pregnant with her second child, due in March. They won’t fit as a small infant, they’re actually going to be better for maybe around 12 – 18 months as I purposely used larger needles.

I apologize for the not so great picture. I tried taking a photo of the socks on a light background and the purple in the socks turned blue. This is actually the best of all of the shots believe it or not! I’ll also be making her this from Knitting at Knoon (purchased also at the Loopy Ewe). I purchased yarn in a dove gray, it’s so pretty and will be perfect for a boy or a girl.

Time to get some laundry done so I have something decent to wear to work tomorrow.


4 Responses to "Another FO"

That sweet pea outfit is too cute! Thanks for the link.
The mini socks are adorable, too. I have so much extra sock yarn, I seriously need to get off my duff and start cranking out some of there.

Those socks are SUPER cute! Is the pattern any good for the baby socks? The Sweet Pea looks nice too! It’s for a girl?

ohh, such cute little socks!

how much leftover sock yarn do they take for a pair? i have lots of leftovers… could be a good use!

The socks are adorable. I need to find a good pattern for a child about that age. Maybe I’ll try this.

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