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Shopping & A WIP

Posted on: November 23, 2007

Hey, at least I didn’t make the title Shopping FOR a WIP.



I recently purchased some yarn and on Tuesday night this week I started a sock for my mom for Christmas with one of the skeins. I chose the Misty Mountain Farm yarn in Sunset for her. She’s a Viking’s fan (someone has to be) so the purple and yellow are perfect and then to have the blue/teal color in there softens the purple and yellow. The pattern I’m doing is called Schiaparelli Slipper by Pamela Pascal Rush. I’ve had the pattern for probably 4 or more years having purchased it at a Stitches event but never tried it yet. Good luck googling a picture of it, there isn’t one that’s closeup enough to see the detail but now you won’t need to since I’m providing pictures for you. Plus the company (3traildesigns.com) is no longer in business.

I’m actually working along the foot right now even though the pictures aren’t to that point. The yarn is soft and really easy to work with, it doesn’t split at all and I love that since I’m working on very sharp size 1 needles (I’m a slow knitter and the only way I can speed things up is pointy needles – yeah, I’m odd).

Oh, the stitch pattern. It’s so easy that I cannot believe that I, me, yes me, have it memorized. I have never been able to memorize a stitch pattern before but this one I have mastered.

Round 1 – *k2, yo, k2, pull yo over the last two stitches knitted, repeat from *

Round 2 and 4 – knit

Round 3 – *yo, k2, pull yo over the last two stitches knitted, k2, repeat from *

What’s cool is that at any given time you can clearly see exactly which row you need to do next. That’s why I’m nearly done with the first sock in record time.

Note – the second photo is truer to the colors, I had the flash a bit high on the first photo.


Yes. I shopped on Black Friday. What was I thinking???? I actually went to the MOA today and survived it without hurting anyone. This place so you know, is ginormous. I only wanted to go there to get the paper stuff I needed to make Christmas cards (that took 1 1/2 hours BEFORE I got in line to pay – I’m not a scrapbooker nor do I do this often so I have a hard time making up my mind for these things, takes me forever), then I needed to buy hubby a pair of sweats. That’s all. Took 4 hours. Yowza. But I’m home now, safe and sound and am heading on up to work on the cards before I forget the idea I had for them. 🙂

2 Responses to "Shopping & A WIP"

MOA on the day after Thanksgiving?
Brave Woman!
I am thinking about coming up for the Knit and Crochet Extravaganza at the MegaMall in February (I live downriver). I won’t brave crowds for shopping deals and Christmas presents, but for yarn and knitting? That’s another story!
Cool stitch pattern, I like what it’s doing with that yarn.

Crrrrazy girl! I love the socks, but stay away from the MOA.

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