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Studio Update

Posted on: November 24, 2007

With the holiday this past week and hubby out of town there wasn’t much progress made but there was some the week before but I forgot to take pictures until today. The west wall is basically done except for the peak and the east wall is more than half done. I still can’t do any stained glass work out there yet (bummer) as hubby has taken over my workbench for his use. Can’t really blame him for that though, can I? Oh, check out the cool power strip he bought me in the last photo (it’s at the top of the picture). Power!!

I’ve been trying to figure out what we’ll do with the floor and we (yep, once again hubby has a great idea) have decided to do indoor/outdoor carpeting which I know isn’t the most glamorous stuff but remember, this is a stained glass studio which means shards of glass will land on the floor, liquids will drip on the floor, etc. No sense in ruining ‘real’ carpeting. But the brilliant thing he came up with that I hadn’t even given a single thought to was to buy a thick cushiony large rubber mat (we’re talking about 4 -5 long and probably 3 feet wide) to put front of the workbench. When working with stained glass you actually stand 99.9% of time you’re working so your feet are going to feel some of that after awhile.  So kudos to him for thinking of that. I still need to figure out what kind of stool I’d like to sit on for that other .09% of the time, I’d like it to be short enough to tuck under the workbench when not in use.

I still need to design the shelving/cubby holes/storage part for the south wall but I’m in not in a huge hurry for that. I just want to get in there and practice my soldering again since it’s been a few years. 😉



Still haven’t heard from the mitten swap person that I sent stuff to or the monkey sock swap person. And the mitten swap person apparently hasn’t SENT her stuff to her pal. I cannot tell you how much that bothers me. Tonight I’m going to put aside my socks that I’ve been working on and make a pair of Fetchings (I know they aren’t mittens but I think she’d like them regardless – plus she can wear them inside of other mittens) just in case this person doesn’t get anything. Honestly, people. Don’t sign up for a swap if you can’t commit and if you find you’re having problems and might have to bow out, talk to the hostess. We will understand – I promise. It’s worse to leave your person wondering what’s going on than to admit you need to bow out. Trust me.




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