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Soldier Package

Posted on: November 27, 2007

Every month a group of women at work get together to put together care packages for 19 soldiers who are stationed in Iraq. We have each been assigned one soldier, we each go out and purchase 19 items that are alike (or 38 depending on what you get for a good price) such as candy, pens, puzzle books, etc, then we get together and once we each pass a bag around the table we end up a variety of items to send to our own soldier. We are also allowed to send our own soldier something other than what the group gets (I’ve sent extra magazines, books, etc).

Well, since the boxes we’re sending this week are really the Christmas boxes we’ve got some fun Christmas candy, someone made mini-stockings with soldier’s names on them and added candy canes, etc in them. For my own soldier I decided to send him something extra. I went to the book store and check out what I found. It’s called the Holiday Yule Log. Here’s the picture and the description – it’s perfect for the holiday’s don’t you think? I hope it makes him smile and remember that I care.

Holiday Yule Log

Book Description

Nothing brings Christmas to life more than the sight and sound of a crackling fire in the hearth. But what if there’s no fireplace? What’s a person to do? Simply slip the disk from this joyful Noel package into the DVD slot and watch the warm seasonal glow on the screen! The Holiday Yule Log book brings magic into every home, apartment, or even dorm room. But the faux fire isn’t all, because the kit also contains a soundtrack of festive carols and four sing-along lyric booklets to hand out, so that everyone can join in. The book itself includes an array of classic Christmas tales (such as “The Gift of the Magi”), as well as the history of the Yule Log and Christmas recipes.


6 Responses to "Soldier Package"

I just found you through the random blog thing on the right hand side. I thought you seemed interesting so I thought I would say HI! I am new to wordpress myself, but hope to get some more entries written soon! Take care!

that will bring a smile to a soldiers face, for sure. Thanks for what you do as well. Supporting our soldiers is so critical right now. Some are on their 3r an 4th rotations an missing families is a big thing. Getting support from “strangers” means so much to them.

Your soldier will be thrilled with the package. I have the Yule book & DVD and it rocks. I remember watching the Yule log on TV when I was a kid.

OMG that’s so funny, I just saw pop up paper Christmas trees at Costco. I’m sure that will bring a smile to his face. We’ve had a friend do two tours & I loved the reaction he had to our care packages.

hey there Patty… I e-mailed you concerning my mitten swap… I haven’t heard from you… maybe your busy or I thought maybe it ended up in the junk folder.

anyways I still haven’t recieved the mittens..

I’ll tell you more when I hear from you

Hi Vicki, see your blog for a comment I left. I heard from your mitten person and she said she’s sending today (12/1) and would let you know that. Keep me informed, okay? Thanks!

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