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Posted on: December 15, 2007

I told myself that I would not whine or complain ONCE in December on my blog. Here it is the 15th and I can’t stop myself. Maybe it’s because I’m experiencing my second cold/cough since October and am feeling a bit fragile, maybe I just hate my job. Maybe it’s all of the above. Regardless, I have to vent. Frankly, I hate whining and venting and even though it’s supposed to make you feel good once you vent, I’m not sure it will work this time, let’s find out, shall we?

Work has been NOT fun lately. I’m well aware that I’m very lucky to even have one so thank you to the job gods. However, that’s doesn’t mean that the job has to suck, right? Or that I have to feel as though I’m not being treated fairly or decently, right? Here’s the scoop in as small of a nutshell as I can put it:

Today 4 of us went in and did some numbers crunching even though it’s Saturday. That’s fine, I’m more than willing to pitch in. Found out people aren’t happy with me working from home (WFH) one day a week. Keep in mind I’ve had this role only since June of this year and haven’t had a manager to run interference or get help from since July which means it’s been one hell of a struggle – the only saving grace has been Jean – the best project coordinator in the world (why else would I have made her Fetchings??).

So here’s what I have to say:

If you (the folks who are having a problem with me that I just found out about today) had a problem with me WFH one day a week why in the world do I have to find out about it weeks later?? The perception apparently is that I’m unavailable (to the endless line of people who come to my cube in any given day which the number of times is usually no less than 20, I kid you not). Even though there are three phone numbers you can reach me at as well as my work email (which is only 1 less phone number than if I were physically in my cube at work).

On Thursday this past week while WFH, I was online at 7:30am and didn’t sign off until 8:30pm. I took 1 one hour break to have lunch and give my eyeballs a break from the computer and another 25 minute break to have dinner. I responded to every email and phone call within one hour with the exception of one because I was trying to get some things done (which is why I use Thurs to WFH so I can get CAUGHT UP – hello!!!) so was a little later on getting to that one. Excuse the hell out of me. I’m so upset about this I can hardly stand it. So now no more WFH for anyone (fine, whatever) and oh by the way, beginning with January you’ll be reporting to someone else. Oh and also, even though I wasn’t trained on something when I came on board 5 months ago and even though I didn’t even know this particular task existed until 2 freaking weeks ago, and that it’s 11 months behind in being completed, it’s still MY responsibility. Surprise.

Without going into this anymore – because to do so upsets me greatly and I can’t breathe as it is with this cold and if I cry AGAIN I’ll just get stuffed up AGAIN – as soon as I finish out the commit time in this role I’m moving somewhere else in the company – job gods willing. Most of the folks I work with I like and that’s what I’d miss moving on. But I don’t need this kind of treatment. If you have a problem with me talk to me about it NOW. Otherwise, I have no idea that there IS a problem and when it sneaks up like this it makes me feel like shit.

So much for not stuffing up as the tears are falling. I think I’ll go find a cold wash rag for my face and knit now and try to forget about this for awhile.

Anybody have a job for me? 


3 Responses to "Sigh"

So sorry the job is crap! You were so excited when you started, too!

Hugs to you. I know what you mean, I just started a job because someone just up and left and there wasn’t time to train me. I had to catch up on about a month’s worth of things and I had a mini breakdown just this past week (but that could have been the added stress of finals).

You are totally justified in your rant. Your situation totally sucks and I’m sendiung good vibes your way. Hope things even out soon.

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