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Holiday Happiness – No, Really!

Posted on: December 25, 2007

Friday: I was on the phone numerous times with folks from work (it was a day off but I understood the criticality of the issues so I was okay with that and I wasn’t downtown which was a plus) trying to finalize some issues that absolutely  had to be completed by 5pm Christmas Eve day. I asked the two on the phone, okay, where I’m going they have wireless internet access, will that be an issue with my laptop? No, not at all. Great. So Friday I went into Excel on my work laptop, got everything ready to do and planned to take care of it Sat night at the lodge in front of a fire because we still needed to get everything ready to go out of town on Saturday.

Saturday: Got to the lodge, tried accessing the internet from the room, then from the resort main office. No go. Then we thought okay, we’ll go to a coffee joint on Sunday or Best Buy, whatever and they’ll help. No problem. By this time it’s nearing about 6 so it’s time to unpack, build a little fire and have some adult drinks. We brought food (the room has a mini-kitchen) so we didn’t have to drive anywhere but if we hadn’t brought food, there’s a restaurant on site. Excellent food – check the link!

Sunday: We go to breakfast in Nisswa at a place called Ganley’s, did a little Christmas shopping and then went to the coffee place. It was closed. No problem. On to Plan B to go to Best Buy in Brainerd.

We explained the situation to the Geek Squad dude and he looked at me, looked at the laptop, looked at me again, and said, um, where’s the wireless internet card? I’m sure my face reminded him of the look a deer gets when faced with headlights – um, what? Well, without a network card in your laptop you won’t get wireless internet access anywhere.

Okay, what can we do? Well, I can sell you one. Hubby pipes in and says, well, that’s all fine and dandy but the company she works for usually has everything locked up tighter than Fort Knox so I don’t know if that will work. That’s right, she’ll have to talk to her IT team.

So in a nutshell I don’t have a wireless internet card installed, I bought one, tried to install it and the Fort Knox PC Police came on with a message that said ‘you do not have the admin rights to install software to this machine, contact….’. Called, nope, unless we can work with you remotely to do this you won’t be getting internet access today.

Think that through and it’s funnier than hell. We can’t help you GET access unless we can access YOU remotely but we can’t because YOU can’t get internet access. Baahhhaaaaa! Too funny.

So what did I do?

I handwrote everything down, went to the resort office, faxed it to my angel Jean at work and she – while in the office on Monday from 6am to noon (my stuff isn’t the only stuff she was doing, I hope) – took care of everything.

Monday: To repay Jean, hubby and I went and did more shopping yesterday and found her a fabulous glass ornament. Though now that I think about it, I think it can be out year round as it doesn’t scream Christmas. It’s hammered glass so there’s lots of texture, it’s quirky square shaped and there’s a bird painted on it. There’s two holes in which ribbon is threaded to hang it. I’ll be sure to get a picture out here (in fact, I’ll have lots of pictures to put out here but probably not until later in the week). It’s really cool.

I also bought a lamp for the bedside table at 50% off at a shop that is closing up there.  It’s flipping purple on the bottom and has a pink shade. I kid you not. Okay, it’s not really purple, it’s more burgandy but I like calling it purple because I know Robyn doesn’t like purple. Wink to you Robyn.

Oh, I almost forgot. We stopped at a place called Buffalo Plaid. Really interesting art pieces. I found one for the studio. It’s very difficult to describe but it’s basically a triangle-shaped vase made from clay. It’s very pretty. Yes, yes, I promise pictures soon. Perhaps tomorrow as I know I’ll have more to photograph after going upstairs right now and opening more gifts!!

So even though this weekend was somewhat stressful because of trying to figure out what to do about work and I’m still not feeling 100% physically (nasty cough – still!), hubby and I had a very relaxing time. How could we not? We had a room with a wood fireplace, a loveseat, table and chairs, king size bed, tv -never turned it on, mini-kitchen and the run of the entire building we were in (if you’re interested enough to see, go here, we stayed in an end room on the upper level). We were the only guests in this part of the lodge where there are 9 8 rooms. So we kept the door open, turned on the boombox to Christmas songs and just played cards, read, sang out of tune, and just plain had fun. I hope you all did as well.


2 Responses to "Holiday Happiness – No, Really!"

I like purple now! LOL

Merry Xmas girl! Hope Santa treated you right this year!

ps- Everything at Robyn’s Nest is 15% off! (Until Jan 2nd!) http://www.robynsnest.ca

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