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Getting Organized

Posted on: January 5, 2008

Today I tackled a task that I’ve been putting off for a about a month – as I’ve been sick. But today I woke up and thought that since hubby would be gone for bit of time cross country skiiing, why don’t I organize my yarn?

Wow. What was I thinking?

First, I went around the house and found every single skein, ball and unfinished project (meaning it’s done but needs to be seamed or just blocked) or WIP I could find and plopped it all on the bed. See?

Allow me to share another angle of this mess…you can’t even see some of it as it’s UNDER the rest of it. Whew.

Good thing I took the pillows off the bed.

Anyway, sent a picture via my cellphone to my BF and then a text message saying – HELP – I’m overwhelmed, come help me! Not only did she come help me? She brought all of hers!! She had 4 big wire bins and a huge box. It took us about 4 hours to get through the majority of mine and all of hers (the part we didn’t do together was putting projects into specific containers for me, I did that after she left).

See the mess on the floor? That’s just the sock yarn that I’m keeping plus yarn neither of us wanted anymore that will go to my Auntie V. There’s a whole other pile of yarn that you don’t see that will get donated to various people and places – an entire garbage bag full. Mind you this was all very good yarn but neither of us could figure out what to do with it, so – nursing homes and people we know (like my aunt) are the ones who will benefit. I originally thought about selling it but just the idea of having to organize it all for that and then monitor ebay, just too stressful to contemplate.

And in the end – this is how it turned out for me. This is EVERY skein, ball and work in progress I have EXCEPT two projects I can’t show in the pictures or on the blog or I’ll ruin the surprises for the future recipients. I’m so tickled!

I’ve got these wonderful hanging things that have yarn in them now instead of shoes and sweaters:

And the top of the closet has the rest. Two of the containers have sock yarn only (far left) and the others are specific projects (like Mr. Greenjeans, top container, second from left). The yarn in the hanging things in the photo above are the miscellaneous yarns.

I feel so much better now.



6 Responses to "Getting Organized"

Holy Stash Batman!!

I need ot organize my new office – it;’s the only room not unpacked yet.

wow, that is impressive declutering 🙂

That looks like a mammoth task! I sorted out my stash this week, it took ages but it was very satisfying!

Wowee wow wow! I am impressed lady!

Wow impressive stash and I’m impressed that you were able to weed out yarn. That is always my weakness, giving up yarn. I will put organizing the stash on my list of things to do. But maybe with help:)

Great job! It sure feels good to get everything organized.

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