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Gmail Problems?

Posted on: January 12, 2008

Is anyone else having problems getting to their gmail?? I tried last night and today and it says it’s loading but it never goes anywhere. Very frustrating…


10 Responses to "Gmail Problems?"

hmm, now you’ve got me all paranoid about my gmial. Speaking of which, can you email me your home addy when you chance? Seems I left my address book at home. Doh! thanks!

Having that issue here as well… GRRRRRRRR!

Mine works fine.

I too am having trouble with Gmail as of 1/13/2008. This is the second time this week. I wonder what the problem could be?


Do note that gmail has issues on Internet Exploder but works perfectly well on Firefox.

Why this is – the jury is still out!

I have not been able to access gmail since Friday, 1/11/08.

I, too, have been unable to access my gmail account. The ONLY way I can see my email is if I go to igoogle homepage and click on the individual mail. All the other links to my mail do NOT work.

Problems with gmail started around 2:30p.m. today for me. 14 Jan 2008

Me too. Home computer and 1 of 2 I have available at work….haven’t been able to get to gmail…says it’s loading, but nothing happens……but on the third pc I can use once in a while, it’s there………?

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