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Hello, Hello, Hello

Posted on: January 23, 2008

Edited 1/24 to add picture of the tinsel eggcarton tree. If I remember correctly, this is about 18 inches high and however wide an egg carton is at its widest part. Scroll on down…


I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Yeah, I’ve done a couple short ones here and there and misc updates but the last 7 or 8 weeks have just been really rough and it hasn’t been a priority for me. Same with checking all of my friends blogs. But I’m back and you will get so tired of my lonnnnnnnnng posts and tons of comments that you just might wish I was doing short ones again and leaving you alone. Well, hopefully not, actually.  🙂


Check out the two posts below this one. Just discovered a flipping cool thing on Flickr – I can do a post FROM Flickr right into wordpress with the picture I want. I’m a little slow, I know, some of you already probably knew that but hey, I still think it’s cool. What would be even cooler is if someone can tell me how I can post an entry with multiple pictures in it right from Flickr, any ideas?

Always Believe What Your Mommy Tells You

I decided this morning after waiting for the bus in negative temperature weather that it was time I grew up. Yes, it’s time to actually – hold on – wear a hat. I’ve always hated wearing them and as a kid my mom would make sure I had it on along with a scarf and mittens and all that good stuff. The moment I was outside and out of her sight? Off went the hat into my pocket. It didn’t go back on until I was almost home. To be honest as a kid it just made me too warm. As an adult I don’t want to mess up my hair. Well, guess what. Function will now win over fashion. I will be knitting myself a hat!


Last Saturday was Christmas with my family at our house. We should have ended up with 13 people but it came down to 9 instead which for space purposes, it worked out great. On the menu were appetizers that JT made (yummo – they were the pinwheel things, you take a wrap and some cheese, meat etc, roll it up, cut them up and we had them with salsa on them) plus some maple, bacon dip and another dip for pretzels. We had two pork loins but they were cooked very differently. One was in the crockpot with peaches, chili sauce, pumpkin pie spice and other ingredients and the other was grilled and had a jerk rub on it. Then we had Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes, corn, salad and for dessert my mom made her Jello cake.

Ever have that Jello cake?? It’s so good. You bake a white or yellow cake in either a 9×13 pan or two rounds or squares. When it’s cooled you poke holes in the cake with the end of a wooden spoon or you can use a fork to make a bunch of holes. Then you take Jello that’s been diluted (I don’t know the ratio) and pour it over the cake. Chill it, frost with Whip Cream and chill again, then serve. The Jello is so good – my mom uses both red and green at Christmas but you can do any color or colors you like.

My best friend, CP, gave me a gorgeous handmade – BY HER no less- trivet. I’ll use it in the studio to put the soldering iron on. She also gave me an ornament that’s a silver wreath with red berries and hanging down in the middle is a charm that says Best Friends. So cool. Check this out, CP and my hubby have for years exchanged gifts. But they’re sort of gag gifts. Each one is always trying to outdo the other whether it’s just the packaging or the silliness of the gift. A few years ago CP gave hubby a gallan sized coffee mug from Gander Mountain. The next year it was a foot long metal lighter that looks just like a match stick. Seriously, it LOOKS like a match stick, wood body, red tip. This year she got him another lighter but it was a foot long rifle in chamo colors. His bb gun was stolen a few years back so this was sort to replace, ha ha, that one. She had it in a long box, had written fragile on it, told him to be careful, etc. Oh, the one that started it all was the year CP gave us 3 – 3 foot tall wood carolers. They’re wood body forms that you dress up.

This year hubby gave CP a Black & Decker contraption that I’ll have to have her explain because I can’t remember everything it does. But you can charge just about anything on it, you have a radio tha not only gets radio stations but you can listen to TV and a whole lot of other things. I know he’s given her other things too but I can’t remember them all. Anyway, CP, feel free to elaborate.

The best part of the day was when my mom gave CP this Christmas tree made out of egg cartons.  Seriously. I have to get a picture from her as I forgot to take one. CP is like family to us and so she gets treated the same – that seems to be working for her so we’ll keep her.

Anyway, I told her to shut her eyes and then held up the tree (it’s decorated with tinsel, it’s spraypainted silver and it has red and gold ornaments on it) just about a foot from her face. She opened her eyes and nearly bawled she was so ecstatic – you have to understand, she IS Christmas so this to her was just the cat’s meow.

There’s more I was going to blog about but I’ll have to continue tomorrow. Enjoy your nights all!


3 Responses to "Hello, Hello, Hello"

Where is the picture of the tree?

I’ve missed you!

Just yesterday I figured out how to blog from Flickr. Pretty cool. I have no clue how to do multiple photos in one post from Flickr. A knitter who doesn’t wear hats! Once you knit your first hat for your own head, there’s no going back. I’ve made that jello cake and it rocks. I got the recipe from the White Trash Cookbook (some great ricpes in that book. highly recommended)

You’re too funny. It’s a Black and Decker Storm Station – all-in-one Power Source, Weather Alert and Light. It contains a smaller version of a car battery I believe your husband said; it has a standard 2-prong outlet for plug-ins, a car-lighter outlet for plug-ins (i.e., cell phone charger), a flashlight that docks/charges, a huge light on the unit itself that comes on in a power outage (assuming it’s plugged in) and it gets AM/FM radio stations, local TV stations (audio only) and weather stations. Perfect not only for camping, but for those of us in MN that have been through tornado/straight line wind damage and as my kids say “tweak out” when the severe weather sirens start going off, it’s perfect for the quick grab when going down into the basement!

And the tree is so unbelievably awesome!! As I’m sure those of you reading this – because you knit; create – can understand, it’s so prescious and special because it was hand made and came directly from the heart. I LOVE getting hand-made gifts for just that reason! So thank YOU, PC!

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