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What Is It?

Posted on: January 26, 2008

It’s a puzzle. Actually, it’s the front of the Springbox puzzle box. I just picked it up today while shopping. I plan to put it together, glue it, frame it and hang it in the office. I don’t have the box right in front of me but if I remember the dimensions correctly, it’s 28 x 36. Huge. It will take me a while to do as I’m not even normally a puzzle person but how could I have passed this up?

I’ll have a WIP picture of Mr Greenjeans tomorrow. I had to rip back a LOT and have made up about 2 inches of the bit I had to rip back. I wasn’t going to work on this yet because I need to make the baby outfit for my cousin. However, I made an executive decision and am putting that off until Mr G is done. The baby isn’t due until May so I’ve got plenty of time for that. As for a shower gift I’ll be giving her a bunch of baby socks (out of leftover sock yarn) that now I can really personalize because she knows she’s having a boy. 

Speaking of the shower, I’m helping host it (56 people are invited) and it’s in February, I’m in charge of games/prizes (hee hee!!). I’ve come with about 5 or 6 games plus 2 door prize drawings and today while shopping I picked up the prizes. Man, I had so much luck I was shocked. I was walking by Bath & Body Works and I normally don’t go in there because the scents are just too overwhelming for me. But I saw signs. Big ones. They said 75% off. There were other ones that said $2.00. Yes, only 2 buckeroos. I spent 17 bucks on 12 things. What a deal. My plan is to have two or three winners per game (since there are going to be so many people) and two door prizes. I also picked up at another store (the dollar store, believe it or not), 2 sets of 2 candle holders made of glass. One set is shaped like hearts and the other is flowers. Really small, only about an inch high and three inches in diameter each and they use tealights (which I’ll include). Oh, the door prizes I found at Marshall’s. I found some scented drawer liners – never thought about using them myself but they look gorgeous in their long boxes. and they’d look really pretty in a drawe. One is Lilac and the other is something like Spring Cotton (aka fresh?, this one was my favorite). Neither smell was powerful at all, just very mellow.

I finally took a picture of the ornament that my best friend gave me for Christmas – for your viewing pleasure:

Off to start the chili and then head out the campfire that my husband is starting up. Enjoy your night and I’ll get that picture of Mr Greenjeans out here tomorrow. The sweater, that is.


3 Responses to "What Is It?"

That is a puzzle that every knitter should have hanging somewhere in her knit space. I want one!

What a bunch of great bargains! I love Marshalls. I always find really awesome and inexpensive gifts there. Brave of you to host a shower with 56 invitees! Gorgeous ornament from your BFF.

Whoops, forget to mention the puzzle. It scares me! You can always frame the box if the puzzle itself becomes too much. Michelle at My Boring Life does lots of jigsaw puzzles.

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