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Mr Greenjeans

Posted on: January 29, 2008

Mr. Greenjeans 

I kept forgetting until tonight to take a picture of my progress with Mr Greenjeans. I’ve been playing around with my new puzzle – it’s been a challenge because of all the similar colors but it’s fun. So here you go:

And a closeup of the cable detail, note that I originally though there were supposed to be cables ALL around and not just alternating with the stockinette stitch. Oops. The picture is kind of odd because the sweater is still on the needles and I was trying really hard to make sure none of the stitches came off! So things are kind of wonky.

I’ll probably do about 5 or 6 more cables and then it should be to the length I want. Then the sleeves are next. I’d love to have this done in time for Stitches in February but I’m not going to push it. Pressure knitting? No more for this chick.


I’m also in the process of making a washcloth (in a pale yellow yarn from Panda Cotton, I’m actually crocheting!) for the charity drive I started up. I work on it on the bus to and from work – except this morning because there were two windows stuck open about 2 inches each and even though the heat was on, it was flipping freaking cold on there!

Remember, there’s no due date on this drive (more info below) or any of the others that will be listed there eventually. In fact, there will be multiple drives at the same blog going on simultaneously, as the year moves along. Maybe even contests, you never know what I’ll think up.


If you’re a member of Ravelry, there’s a group that’s been set up by ‘metime’ and myself (knitgirl63). It’s called MN-Knice Charity Drives. Get it? Minnesota Nice? Ahem.

Just so’s ya know, even though the charities we’re benefiting will likely reside in Minnesota – if you aren’t from Minnesota you can still join up. We may even do drives for other states and locations, we’re still in the infancy stage so to speak and have lots to think about with this. My hope is that this will just go crazy and benefit a ton of people EVERYWHERE.


Okay, I brought  my laptop home so I wouldn’t have to work there another hour or so and instead will do that here watching my soap on soapnet tonight. It starts in just a few minutes so I’m off!


3 Responses to "Mr Greenjeans"

Mr. Greenjeans looks great! I dig the cabley goodness. Must add that to my cue now that I’ve gone crazy for cables.

I was searching around looking at Mr Greejeans examples and found yours. Very nice! I’m just starting mine.

[…] end up too long again. I have no desire to do this right now so instead I think I’ll pick up Mr. Greenjeans […]

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