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Superbowl Sunday

Posted on: February 3, 2008

Yes, it’s finally here. Superbowl Sunday. I’m excited to watch the game, though I admit I haven’t picked a team yet. I am leaning towards the Patriots – but is that just to see Tom Brady in action? Hehe…does it matter?

So that happens in just a couple of hours, meantime, here’s an update on knitting. I learned yesterday how to knit on 2 circular needles while at CP’s house (and I helped her with understanding how wordpress works so she can no longer be blogless). I practiced while there but when I got home I started on a baby sock. I figured if I mess up on a baby sock while on 2 circs, I can rip back and have it fixed much faster than if it were an adult sock. I love doing this! I got interrupted yesterday so only got as far as getting the heel flap done but now I’m ready to finish it up while watching football. I don’t know if I’ll never go back to dp’s or not – I think it’s too early to tell. Plus, I actually LIKE working on dp’s. But I also think it’s worth learning new tricks and I can definitely see why people like this method. 

 My yellow washcloth is almost done and Mr Greenjeans is getting happier every day even though I’m only knitting on it about an inch a day. My homework for Stitches is ready but I still need to gather my supplies and extra yarn and figure out which projects I should bring. I can’t have just one, you know.

Alright folks, have yourself a Sunny Superbowl Day!


4 Responses to "Superbowl Sunday"

I like knitting cuff down socks on DPNs so much that I haven’t learned 2 circs or magic loop or toe up. I need to learn some new tricks!

yea for you!! I love 2 circs and have NEVER gone back to dpn’s.

I am going to be the last dpn holdout in the world, aren’t I?

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