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Posted on: February 6, 2008


Yes, I bought an OTT lamp. They were 50% off at Joann’s and I’ve wanted a floor model for so long that when I found out they were on sale – there I was – in line with MY NEW OTT LAMP! The color is called Mocha Pearl, it’s simply gorgeous. I see it’s a tad cheaper online but when you add in shipping it would actually cost more than what I paid for going to the store and picking it up. Super helpful when knitting with dark colored yarn, let me tell you. Worth every penny. 


Introducing my formerly blogless bf’s new blog – Metyme – , please welcome her when you can as I know you are all so friendly and always have great advice. You’ll find she is one anal knitter, hates to knit anything other than what the pattern tells her too but you know what? She’s getting better over time. 🙂 And she would really enjoy getting to know my knitting friends because she knows how much fun we’ve all had – but can she handle the attention? Hmm.


I finished my baby socks on two circs, the pattern is from p2designs.com and it’s called Just Your Basic Baby Socks. Went SO fast I still can’t believe it. Though I must say I kind of missed my little dpn’s.

I’m thinking I’ll do one more pair of baby socks on circs and then I’ll attempt an adult sized pair. Maybe with the pretty blue sock yarn from Robyn’s Sock Club I got a month or so ago (check out her sock club, she gets some pretty cool yarns!).

Here’s the socks. I know they don’t look like they’re the same size but after I took the picture and realized that I adjusted them and they really are the same sizes. I promise.

That’s it for today, ta ya’ll.


4 Responses to "OTT ME, BABE"

Oooh, so envious. I’ve been eyeballing one of those lamps, too. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I break down and order one. haha.

Those little socks are so cute.

By the way, get March’s sock club kit. Shelby (SP hostess Shelby) is handpainting the yarn! It’s gorgeous! She’s amazing! And my best friend Angela is designing the pattern. Let’s just say, it’s themed for a holiday coming up in March, if you catch my drift… 🙂 You’ll want to knit with a pint of beer 🙂

Such cute little socks!

I’ve never heard of an Ott lamp before. Nice! I’m going over to your friend’s blog to say Hello.

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