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You Make My Day

Posted on: February 14, 2008


No, you really do. Okay, the rule about this meme as you may or may not know is that the folks I award and list on my blog now should list the folks on your blog that make your day and award them with the same pat on the back that I received from Kim.

Now, the gist is that you should list something like 10 bloggers that make your day. Well, I think I have a ton that make any of my given days but there are those that I go back to constantly without pause. If I don’t include you it’s not because I don’t think you would make my day, it’s because I can’t keep track of all the blogs I read. 🙂

May I introduce to you the bloggers I’d like to award the ‘You Make My Day Award’ – in no particular order, natch.

1. Kim – Now I certainly do not expect Kim list another group of folks on her blog, unless the oh-so-popular one would like to. What I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that if you’re having a bad day or even a good one, go over to Kim. She’s weird. I like her. How weird? Check out the February 1st post and see if you can see anything unusual in the photo of her wristers – mucho weirdness and laughter will abound, trust me.

2. CP – I choose CP as a cool blogger because she FINALLY GOT A FLIPPIN’ BLOG! Plus she’s my bf so, duh.

3. Robyn – Here’s a busy woman – has a cute little boy, she’s a hockey fan (knits at the Habs games), owns an online business, retains sanity through it all and has another little bundle in the oven. It’s been a joy to watch her little boy grow up in blogville plus see Robyn get her own yarn store up and running on line. Plus she’s my bestest Canadian friend.

4. Sharon – This chick rocks, world traveler, intelligent, down to earth, mommy to one good looking little chickey.

5. Guinivere – Can you say sock queen???? I’ve never known someone who can knit socks like a fiend (I swear she doesn’t sleep). She inspires me to try sock patterns that aren’t just stockinette. I said inspired, I’m still thinking about it.  🙂

6. Monkey – Last but not least, Monkey. I love this child though I’ve never met her. Her mommy is Sharon of number 4. Truly a blog to be humbled by.

That’s it, kids. I’ll all done with the awardingness of this post. Oh, wait. There’s one more thing to do.

We have a winner for the baby shower prize contest I set up – remember I was looking for ideas for a door prize. Kim (see number 1 above) offered numerous suggestions and one was candles. I was hemming and hawing on that because sometimes candles are so not unusual, until I found two gorgeously scented ones, one in watermelon and one in orange. It’s going to be hard trying to not rig that prize next Sunday because I WANT these candles. Congrats to Kim and I’ll get your prize out to you next week!

Thank you to the others who offered suggestions as well. Keep an eye out for more contests, you never know when one will pop up with me, you could still win some yarn!


4 Responses to "You Make My Day"

Thank you Patty 🙂 You make my day too! Blog more! 🙂 GO HABS GO!

Thank you dear, if I ever feel up to full-strength blogging again, I’ll pass it on!

Awww – thanks, PC! You always make my day!

Aaw, I am blushing so red! And I can not believe I won the prize yarn with the candle suggestion. That’s always my default gift. When in doubt, give a candle. Orange & watermelon sound so fresh and summery. Perfect for this dreary February crappy weather! Woohoo! I won a prize! I don’t think I’ve ever won a prize before.

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