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P.O. Problems

Posted on: February 16, 2008

Post Office Problems

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I hadn’t received a washcloth from Kim at the post office box I rented (she mailed it 1/26). I’d been going to the p.o. once a week to check my box and each time I looked in it, all I saw was a card board cover at the end which I assumed was there to prevent any mail – should you have any – from falling out of the box back into the post office. That’s where I was wrong – but I couldn’t have known that.

I went to the p.o. yesterday and talked to my p.o. buddy at the counter – look, you were here when I signed up for this thing, I’m told I should have mail from those who have sent it, but I don’t. What do you think the problem is? He asks me to hang tight and goes to the back and a couple of minutes later comes back to me and says, that’s interesting. Your box is ‘closed’. Closed? How can it be closed, I just opened it. Well, we have a way to note which boxes are closed and which are available by using his cardboard cover on the ends (remember what I said in the first paragraph?) and yours has one. Then he said let’s go out to the boxes. So we did, I unlocked my box, sure enough it’s empty. He goes into the back again and at this point he finds my paperwork and yes, it should be active. He says what has probably happened, but he’s going to doublecheck, is that Jim who sorts the mail would have seen that box was closed because of that cardboard cover, so he would have stamped everything that came in to P.O. 2943, ‘return to sender’. That means I would want to contact the people who have sent the washcloths to let them know they’re coming back to them and they’ll have to resend. Bummer. On both ends.

Then I got a call later in the day from my buddy who said, well, guess what? Your mail is here. There’s a box above yours that’s empty but should be noted as closed with the cordboard cover and that’s where your mail has been put. So you can come and get it anytime.

By the time I got this call I was already heading out for the day. But I wanted to let those who have sent washcloths to me for Ascension Place know that I most likely have it and will let you all know on Monday when I get home.

I can’t wait to see how many are there!

Baby Shower Favor Bags

I need to go make 40 baby shower favors for tomorrow’s shower (originally the shower was going to be for 56 people but it’s down to 40) and I decided to sew them. Originally I was going to use stitch witchery instead of sewing but after doing 3 test bags with the stitch wichery stuff, I can tell I can sew these things TONS faster not to mention I think they’ll look better.

I’ll use 2 pieces of blue gingham fabric, 5×7, put them right sides together, then sew a seam on both long ends and one short. Then I’ll turn them right side out, iron them so they’re nice and even on those 3 sides. Then I’m going to take my pinking shears and cut across the top of the bag so it has a cute jagged edge. Inside I’m putting candy and then tying the bags off with some adorable ribbon that has pastel colored hearts on it. I’ll stitck a picture out here later today so you can see what I’m talking about.

Hot Temps 

Well, it’s actually about 27 degrees right now and should be getting up into the low 30’s today so hubby is thinking of having a camp fire tonight. I’m thinking of enjoying the campfire too, while looking at it from inside the house. I’m feeling so much better and I think the last thing I need is to inhale smoke – though I do so love a good camp fire smoke smell. I think my time will be better spent making dinner (sweet and sour chicken) and to start putting my stuff together for California.

Later gators, enjoy your weekend!

1 Response to "P.O. Problems"

I’m just glad the washcloth didn’t get lost. You would think that after what you went through with IDs and paperwork that they would put your mail in the box you paid for. Good luck making all those party favors! I love the smell of a campfire and looking at the flames and listening to the crackling wood as it burns.

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