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Super Quick Post

Posted on: February 20, 2008

Hello from California!

It’s in the 50’s here right now and I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. I only have a couple of minutes to leave a post as the business center is closing so here goes. If you see typos, ignore them. 😀

Left Minnesota this morning at 6:30am and it was -10 degrees. The pilot, as we’re taking off, said ‘here we go, leaving the North Pole and heading for Denver where it’s 40 degrees warmer but still below 32’. Funny guy, that one. Anyway, flight from MN to Denver was uneventful although I did get to see the most gorgeous moon I’ve ever seen in my life. Think the pictures you’ve seen in National Geographic on the moon you see in Alaska with slight sunshine and pale blue/white sky. I can’t even describe it to be honest.

Got to Denver, had about 45 mins before the next leg of the flight. Got on that one and sat next to a person who wouldn’t stop moving the entier 2 1/2 hours. I survived.

Arrived here and grabbed a shuttle to my hotel, then took a walk to find a Walgreen’s because of COURSE I forgot things. Picked those up and went and got my hair cut. Yep. I look like a version of Mary Tyler Moore now. Hmm. Kind of like it but am not used to having straight hair. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to seeing it in its natural state.

Okay, need to fly. Going to work on my sock that I’m knitting with the yarn I got from one of Robyn’s sock clubs, it’s gorgeous. Sort of a mix of blues and white, very muted and pretty. It’s called 40 Below. How’s that for irony today?

p.s. Due to a post office mix up, I’ve finally received Kim’s washcloth (thank you!) and 4 from Barb (thank you!) for the washcloth drive. Links to their blogs and pictures next week!


2 Responses to "Super Quick Post"

Yay! Glad you made it OK…man, I can’t imagine what -10 feels like. A’s mom lives in Minneapolis. She was telling us that it was something like -32 with the wind chill a few weeks ago?? My skin would fall right off.

Enjoy your trip…soak up plenty of sun to take back with you.

Enjoy yourself out there! Glad the wayward washcloth made it.

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