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Ta Da!

Posted on: March 4, 2008

Baby News

My cousin’s daughter had her baby last night via c-section, 7 weeks early, a boy, 4 # 1/2 ounce. Both are doing just fine now. Mom had some blood pressure problems so it was time get the little one out. He has jet black hair (his dad has black hair and mom had black hair when she was born, now it’s a honey blonde). I can’t wait to see pictures! Baby J will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks but I’m told that’s normal for preemies. Guess I better get that onesie knitted for her…I thought I had til April!

California Trip Continued

The Saturday I was in California, my friend Marie came and picked me up about noon. It was starting to drizzle which didn’t surprise us as there was news of some big storm coming. Well, that also meant that whale watching was cancelled. Bummer. But we had fun anyway, we drove down to Carmel to her Auntie’s house (adorable!) and then had lunch with her at a place called RG Burger’s (RG = really good, and they were). Then we went down to the ocean so I could say I’d been there on the beach, in Carmel (proof below). Boy, it was windy. Holy mackeral. Then we headed for Monterey Bay and the aquarium. As I’ve already posted it was a wonderful place to see – especially the jelly fish.

Marie was a sweetheart, she gave me a little gift bag that had a Tigger marshmallow treat in it (it’s gone now, yum) and some chocolates from a place called Bittersweet Chocolates in Oakland.

I have to tell you something about her Auntie. She is outspoken and funnier than hell. I so enjoyed meeting her. Marie told me a lot of stories about her family, it’s definitely an interesting one! Mine’s not near as exciting or silly. Thank you, Marie for a wonderful trip. I had so much fun. I’ll be out again next year and we’ll attempt the whale watching again and hopefully succeed. 😀

Marie & Auntie

Me on the beach in Carmel…brrrr…even by my standards.

I have no idea what the story is about this tree but it was right near where we parked to go down to the water. Clearly there was a storm at one point.



I bought this at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it’s going in the studio.

I realized I forgot to put out a picture of the yarn I bought for the class I didn’t realize I was going to take, it’s so pretty. There’s a second photo of it wound up below this one.

My BF and I had a girl’s night on Friday and all day Saturday and I caught pictures of two of the three cats – Zoe stayed hidden most of the time.

Ms Madison

Ms Lydia

Off to get knitting on that onesie….


4 Responses to "Ta Da!"

Ohhh, that yarn is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear that everything is okay with the baby. (Smaller than Sean!) (Though Sean went down to 4 lbs 8 oz at one point – that’s tiny!!) I think I’m having another small baby too 😦 this time. Well, at least I’ll be prepared!

I’m in love with that jelly fish thing! California beaches are so different than the Jersey beaches I’m used to. More rugged and scary. Gorgeous yarn, BTW

Those cats are so CUTE!!! 🙂 Do you realize that Mel’s baby is less than HALF of what Ryan was when he was born?? I’m almost feeling that pain all over again. I’m glad things are going well…maybe you’ll have pictures on Saturday? And just to keep your interest piqued…I’ll be bringing something (that I work on at night when hubby’s home and can’t see the other one) that I know you’ll absolutely have to make for the baby!!

Thank you for posting that picture!! We don’t have any recent photos together, I’m going to send it to my aunt Mary.


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