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Posted on: March 23, 2008

Rumor on the calendar has it that spring began on the 20th of March. Could have fooled me, Mother Nature. Granted, it’s not cold. But the slush has gotten old – let’s bring on the green.

In other news…


Spent all day yesterday with metyme eating, shopping for shoes, knitting, singing out loud (not in tune, mind you), eating more, knitting more and singing even more. We were just goofballs but isn’t that how it should be? Best friends having fun and not being embarrassed by things like making little ducky noises (aka farting) and then pretending it wasn’t you (it wasn’t me, I swear) or burping (that was me and her). Hey. Does that mean we were men yesterday??

Knitting a Bag 

Metyme helped me with the bag I’m making and I think it’s going to turn out better than I thought. If it does, she’s going to write up a pattern for it and we’ll share it with you all. I’m using a combination of linen stitch and woven stitch (which is basically a half linen stitch) for the bag and then it will have wood colored handles. I’ll get pics out here on the progress and also on Ravelry once the darn camera battery gets charged up.

Swap Idea

We also came up with a swap idea that I think you all will like. In order to participate though, you need to be a member of swap-bot.com. Here’s the link: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/13669. It took us quite a while to come up with the sock pattern because we wanted a true cable sock pattern, not a mock cable sock pattern. Well, we were successful (thanks to Cider Moon). So check out the link and see if you’re interested. We’re in the process of setting up a wordpress blog as well to let people update their progress and facilitate communication between the participants. Hey, that was ‘workspeak’ wasn’t it? The facilitate part? Sorry about that. 🙂

I’m So Far Behind…

To Robyn– I loved the colorway in the March Sock Kit, awesome greens!! Excellent choice! I’ll definitely get some pics out here of the yarn and all the goodies you sent, I thought the belly button warmer was big-time humor. 🙂

To blogless Kathyrn – thank you for the beautiful washcloth (it was pink with a ribbon motif knit into it), it’s so pretty. I’ll be posting a picture this week.

New Charity Effort

I’ll be posting a new effort at the Posies & Lemon Drops blog later this week. It’s to make a small knitted or crocheted pouch to hold those bottles of hotel shampoo, conditioner and lotion we all bring home and donate the pouches to a women’s shelter. More later, my friends.

Funny Stuff

One last thing, I found this blog when visiting Halfway Down The Stairs. Oh man, talk about a giggle. Check out this entry , see ya!


3 Responses to "Spring??"

SOooooooooo happy you loved your March kit – KNEW you would! 🙂 Makes me happy!

That’s the true test of a best friend. Can you fart and blame it on her and she laughs? I hope the little bag for hotel toiletries will be knit. I don’t know how to crochet!

I don’t mean to be judgemental, but your best friend is a ducky?! 🙂

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