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Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Posted on: April 2, 2008

I was debating on sharing photos of my recent injury but decided to not share them. At least not in a post, if you’re really curious go to my flickr account. Frankly? My ankle looks like it has turned into a cankle…yes, calf + ankle = cankle. You get the drift.

Speaking of drift. I’ve been drifting along on my pain med all week and I’ve decided I really would not have made a good druggie hippie back in the day. I do not like the fact that my head feels like mush and that it takes forever to think things through. So after today, no more. I hope. And back to work tomorrow for as long of a day as I can handle.

I almost went in to work today because we were supposed to have a transition meeting with our new management (a group of individuals who perform similar responsibilities are currently reporting to and sitting in their particular line of business areas, the transition is to ‘house’ us all in one area, reporting to new management but still supporting our lines of business). I felt at first last night that I wouldn’t go but would call in to the meeting, get my questions answered that way. Then I changed my mind because I felt it would be better to meet the new management, suck up the pain and just go in. Well, I changed my mind again as I’m still not 100% comfortable walking in this dang boot. Good thing I changed my mind – the meeting got rescheduled to NEXT week. Though I’m still bothered by the fact that no one on the team was told why it was rescheduled. I’m not stupid, I understand that upper management has to juggle their meetings and emergencies come up, hence rescheduling. But to not inform your new team WHY when you reschedule?? In fact, this whole transition has happened in a way that many of us feel – okay – let’s just say this is me talking even though I know the feelings of some of the others – was not thought completely out and something like, oh yeah, respect has not occurred through out the process. Not only did we as a group think we were reporting directly to one person, but when the announcement came out it said we were reporting to someone who reports to THAT person. That was the first we heard of it and we had to send an email to confirm what we read. Okay, I’ll shut up. Must be the Vicodin that has me on a rant. I want so badly to say more but I know people who have gotten in trouble when talking on their blogs about where they work so I’m going to shut up now. Oh, except one more thing. I posted for a role elsewhere in the company, not sure what kind of shot I have but maybe that will come through and this rant will have been for naught. Nah. It was worth it.

Knitting – believe it or not I really HAVE been knitting. One thing only. The bag for the charity silent auction. I finished knitting it but now have to sew the sides up, not looking forward to it. It won’t matter once it’s done stitched up from the inside as I’m going to line it but I do want it to look good from the outside. That’s what I’ll work on tonight. It’s really going to be cool, I almost hate to give it up but being it’s for a good cause I’m okay with that. I don’t recall if I mentioned this but the lining will have pockets as well. I should be able to have it finished completely this weekend so I can mail it on Monday as they need it by the 9th.

Hey, Tish at work brought up a good thing for me to think about – sort of a ‘the glass is half full’ though. I was whining about my ankle and she said, good thing it wasn’t your wrist!! She’s so right, I can knit with my foot in the gorgeous new boot but I sure couldn’t knit if my arm were in a cast. Speaking of boot – here’s a photo to prove how simply gorgeous this look is – maybe I’ll start a fashion trend!

The Boot

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2 Responses to "Should I Or Shouldn’t I?"

Remember the snood I just finished for the greyhounds? WELL…knit yourself a boot-snood to jazz it up!! 🙂

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

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