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Too Cold To Update Everything I Want!

Posted on: April 14, 2008

I’ve been down in the basement office for about 45 minutes now working on uploading some pictures and then putting out a post on the sock swap and because it’s so nice outside the heat isn’t on and the windows up there are open – and I’m freezing my buttinsky off. See the office only gets decent heat via the heat vent in the ceiling so if the heat isn’t on, the office doesn’t get heated. I could use the electric heater but it really isn’t a very good one, more of a waste of electricity than anything else. If there are typos or grammatical errors, forgive me for my fingers are frozenated…

I’ll try to summarize and then tomorrow I’ll follow up with photos, how’s that?

1. I went to Yarnover in Hopkins on Saturday, took a class with Rita O’Connell on Designing and Knitting Containers. Frankly, I expected more ‘vessel’ like containers rather than tote bags but I’m okay with it, I got a lot of tips of other kinds of containers so it worked out.

2. I purchased:

I skein of Dream In Color Smooshy in the colorway Some Summer Sky to make the socks for my partner in the sock swap I’m in (see pretty pink button). Very pretty paleish to med blues. Could be worn with both khakis and jeans.  

1 skein of Araucania in the colorway Ranco Red/Pink/Yellow for Sock Wars (these colors are NOT bright, think Taos, NM and pueblos. Really neat.

1 skein of Dream In Color in the colorway Midnight Derby for Metyme to make the socks for her partner in the sock swap we’re in (see pretty pink button). Gorgeous dark blues, even a bit of purple – will look great with jeans is my thought.

1 baby sweater kit – I’m in love with this pattern – it’s the Tulip sweater that was created by the Dream In Color folks and uses the Classy version of DIC not Smooshy but it’s so damn cute. I can’t get the link to work in here today when adding tothe Tulip word so try this: http://www.coldwateryarn.com/tulip_baby_sweater_cardigan.htm

1 pattern – it’s called Pom Pom Sock. Remember those booties from way back when that had the little pom pom on the heel? That’s what this is, it’s called Fiesta and it’s designed by Franziska Collins. Sorry to say, I will NOT be adding the pom pom’s – I just want a nice short bootie sock.

Last but not least – oh man – I bought 5 canes of polymar clay. What? Am I nuts? Probably. But never-the-less, there was a local vendor there selling what she calls Silly Millies (here’s a link: http://www.claysquared.com/silly.htm). Think of those hard candies you can buy that have faces in them, flowers, all sorts of designs. That is what she does with clay. I’m in awe. Truly.

And now I’m really flippin c-c-c-cold so must head on upstairs and elevatorize the ankle.

Ta, ya’ll.


2 Responses to "Too Cold To Update Everything I Want!"

I love DIC Smooshy. I just got it into the shop!

OMG I just spent the last HOUR looking through all the Silly Milly stuff! That woman is talented; it was mind boggling! Naturally I book-marked the site for future purchases… 🙂

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