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A Graduate of Casts

Posted on: April 16, 2008

Graduate, indeed! As of today I am now wearing an air splint instead of that big honking plastic monster walking cast. I’m not complaining, not at all – I’m thrilled because this means I’m healing!

Winners – we have two winners of the contest I held at the end of March, the winners were supposed to be announced about a week ago but I’m behind. In everything. So, the deal was I would draw two names of those who sent me washcloths and they would win something, be it yarn, stitchmarkers, whatever. Well, Metyme was a winner and so was Barbara. For Metyme since she needed yarn for her sock swap I picked that up for her at Yarnover and gave her a substantial discount and something extra in her birthday bag that I bought there as well and for Barbara I will be sending you some stitchmarkers that I just made. They’re really cool!! I’ll get them in the mail this weekend. Thank you to you both for sending me washcloths and thank you to Kimand blogless Kathleen (I’ll get you to blog eventually, my friend!) who also sent washcloths. They’re all awesome and the organization LOVED them all!

Promised pictures:

Yes, this is clay, the stuff I talked about yesterday – they’re about the size of dime, give or take.

I made a pin out of the mermaid clay, it’s really much more intense – the purple is really, really purple and the greens are very deep and gorgeous. This is for the daughter of a friend of mine, the daughter is all about mermaids right now. The individual pieces are about the size of a dime like those above.

Current progress on the Tulip sweater made with Dream In Color Classy yarn. I expect to be ready to do the trim around the edges this weekend. Cool!

This bag was made by Metyme and I groveled and begged for it so blatantly that she gave it to me. Then I lined it because I didn’t want the beautiful pattern (that she designed – see the diamonds going down the middle of it?) to stretch out. She gave me a great compliment because she couldn’t even see where I had sewn the lining in. Yes, I’m just that good – when I want to be. 🙂

I leave you with this last photo of the flowers hubby gave me. No anniversary, no birthday, just because. I love them because they are a vision of spring to come!

That’s it for today, my friends, more later in the week!



2 Responses to "A Graduate of Casts"

Glad to hear you’re healing up fast! Soon you’ll be completely healed and no one can call you gimpy anymore. hahaha. Awesome bag from Ruth and the colors in the Dream in Color sweater are gorgeous.

The tulip sweater looks like it coming along nicely, and I LOVE that bag!

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