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A Bit More Progress

Posted on: April 26, 2008

Edited 4.26.2008 to respond to Robyn and Sharon’s comments: The sweater was a kit that came with just enough yarn in each color to knit it. The only thing is that having all the ends there is a bit annoying and the thought of having to weave them in – well, I’ll have to have myself a cocktail when I get to that point! Either way, it will be worth it in the end and it’s even prettier in person. The yarn, Dream In Color, Worsted, is wonderful to work with, it doesn’t split when I knit and it’s surprisingly soft. I plan to make the sweater again but in a solid color and keeping the ridge effect you see at the color change rows (you change color on the purl side and k1, p1 across) because I like the texture it provides but ridge rows I’m going to use the leftover yarm from this kit. Follow?

As for the sock, I’ll get a better photo out here so you can see it correctly because the more I look at it the more it looks like I made it with my eyes closed! Ha. Or head over to Metyme, she’s in the same swap  – she’s making one that’s a darker color but you can see the stitch definition better and it doesn’t look wonky like mine. Just click on her picture to see it larger – or check out the pattern itself. Almost forgot, I had adjusted the stitches because the cable was ending up in a weird place on my needles (and I’m not used to using two circs but I’m learning) but I’ll readjust back to what the needles should have once I’m done with the leg. I like the pattern, it’s very interesting and really easy. Give it a try!

The Tulip Sweater is coming along nicely. Click photo to viewer larger.

As is my sock for the Saucy Spring Sock Swap. I know it looks wonky on the needles but trust me, it’s not. It’s because I’ve divided the number of stitches differently so that the cable doesn’t land at the end, instead it’s at the beginning. It will look better once it’s done and blocked. I promise.

Short post, I know. More at a later date – enjoy your evening, everyone!


4 Responses to "A Bit More Progress"

That sweater is so cute. Who is the recipient? Can I ask- how does it knit up? The yarn is different balls they send you or is it self striping?

That sweater is so cute. Who is the recipient? Can I ask- how does it knit up? The yarn is different balls they send you or is it self striping?

Aww, very cute sweater! You sock looks fab, too. Great color – is there a reason you switched the needles around? I’m not familiar with this pattern or anything, but I’ve been eyeballing a few other patterns and noticed how a lot (like Pomotamus) have a purl or a YO at the beg of a needle…are you going to switch them back when you get to the heel, or will you be able to keep working the pattern that way?

The sweater’s looking great! But why did you need to move the stitches around – where did you have a “problem?” After you turn the heel, on 2 circs the sock is then knit in profile (vs. front and back) and you’ll run into the cable – running down the front top of the sock – being split between the two needles…so you may want to move the stitches around at that point so the top is all on one needle and the bottom on the other.

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