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Let The Sock War Begin!

Posted on: May 11, 2008

I’m participating in Sock Wars III and have changed my mind 3 times, 3 times I said, on the yarn I’m going to use. Hated one, couldn’t get gauge on the other so settled on a third. This makes me very far behind. The pattern came out on Friday and only today have I successfully finished the ribbing and the first 4 rows. Fortunately, it’s a short sock so it shouldn’t (??) take me too long. The pattern is I believe, a chevron stitch. We’ll find out as I get further along in the sock.

How does it work? Well, my assignment is to get my socks mailed off to my target, then my target has to send me their socks wherever they are in process whereupon I finish those socks and send them to their assassin who becomes ‘dead’, and on and on. However, if I receive socks before finishing mine for my target, that makes me ‘dead’ and I have to send my socks to my assassin who will finish them and send to my target…get it? I’m just in it to have a little fun in my ever so stressful life. I’ll be thrilled if I finish ONE sock before being killed. 😉

Back to the deck to keep on knitting!


3 Responses to "Let The Sock War Begin!"

OMG! Good luck on the Sock Wars. Sock Wars scare the crap out of me. I am a huge wimp.

More power to ya, PC – I don’t think I could stand the pressure right now. It’d be kind of like…having a job. Did I just say that??!!!

oh, fun! i’m playing in sock wars too! i hope you live a good long life!

is the loose gauge and huge sock width bothering you too?

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