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Happy Monday, Ya’ll

Posted on: May 12, 2008

New Puppy

Our neighbor’s have a new puppy, no name just yet. Darn cute, too. He’s about 8 weeks, he’s a Golden Retriever. Mucho fun to play with! Click to go to flickr to see larger. Too bad I’m allergic to the critters. But I can view them from afar!



Shepherds Harvest

I was a good girl and only bought 8 skeins of yarn at SH. Six of Elsebeth Lavolds Hempathy (gorgeous colors!!) and two skeins of 100% alapaca yarn, hand dyed from Lakeland Alpacas. Each skein is 200 yards and is sport weight. I also bought a button for the Tulip Sweater I’m making – it’s perfect! Pretty good, huh?

Interesting, the computer is sounding very odd (strange vibrating, whirring noise -maybe it’s biting the dust finally!!) so I think I’d better say ciao for now, baby!


2 Responses to "Happy Monday, Ya’ll"

Just dropped by to say HI. I’m new to wordpress, but love to knit, so did a search on knitting tags. Cute puppy pic. Would you mind if I asked how you get the weather pixie on your page? I’d love to do one for my area. Is it an RSS?

Huh…that green and peach’ish one looks an awful lot like – well, MY colors!! You’re too kind. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the little new guy in person – I’m glad they went ahead and got another one.

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