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Sock Wars Update

Posted on: May 24, 2008

Sock Wars III

I have finished one sock for Sock Wars and am nearly at the heel flap of sock number 2. My concern at this point is that the first sock seems bigger than the second. But then again, I had tried on the sock a few times as I was going along (with CLEAN FEET!) so my thought is that once I block them they’ll be fine. The plan is to have this one done by tomorrow night so I can block them and they’ll dry on Monday (no postal service until Tuesday) and I can mail them Tuesday. Wonder how long it will take to get them to Australia?

Sock Wars III

Sneak peek of the sock – it’s Ellen’s Half Pint Farm 100% Merino Wool, no colorway noted.

In Between

In between the first SW sock and starting the second I made a baby bootie that still needs its mate and then they will both get felted. The pattern is from Beth Galeskas’s book Felted Knits. I just HAD to knit something with a needle size other than a 1 – boy, did that bootie whip up fast on 10’s.

Studio News

Hubby put down big circle pavers to create a path to the studio. Something about me not being very graceful and breaking ankles kind of prompted this. Ha ha. Very funny, dude. Hopefully, this will look much better over time, as it looks kind of dorky to me right now. But I have faith that he knows what he’s doing.


Check out my new chair! We found this while in Wisconsin the first weekend in May for $5. It has a busted spring in the middle of the cushion but you really don’t feel it all that much and I don’t anticipate sitting in it very often, just thought it would be cool to have a ‘real’ chair in there. Note the puzzle on the workbench, it’s no longer there as it’s time to start doing stained glass!!

Another angle of the chair 

Next Up

As soon as the second SW sock is done and blocked I’ll be finishing up my socks for the Spring Saucy Sock Swap – the sock is beautiful, I’m so glad CP suggested the pattern.

Back up on the deck to keep on knitting that last sock…enjoy your evening!


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