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No Power? No Problem!

Posted on: June 1, 2008

First up – Sir Knits A Lot – if you’re reading this be sure to stop when I start talking about your Sock War socks as I’m including a picture of them. 🙂


So what does Midwest Knit Girl do when the power goes out due to a hail storm? Why, she puts on her headlamp! By golly nothing was going to stop me last night! I also had about 30 candles all over the main floor of the house – on the fireplace mantel, on the speakers, the end tables, you name it. It looked quite spectacular, actually. I couldn’t take a picture though, because guess what? The battery in the camera ran out after this picture. Is this a conspiracy?

Lilacs – My Favorite

The lilacs are just gorgeous right now but are just about done in their cycle – I hate that because they smell so good and I bring them in as much as I can. I have this huge mason jar (can’t imagine what the canner size would have to be because it’s bigger than a quart!). For your viewing pleasure (sorry, no scratch and sniff available at this location):

Lilacs in the backyard

Lilacs in the backyard

New Yarn (Bad MWKG!)

I broke down and bought some yarn from The Loopy Ewe – I’ll be selling quite a bit of my stash soon to pay for this. See? I can rationalize anything!

Dream In Color – Smooshy – Colorway = Butter Peeps

Ocean Wind Knits – Merino – Colorway = Sweetgrass
Ocean Wind Yarn

Ocean Wind Knits – Merino – Colorway = Shiraz
Ocean Wind Yarn

Yarn Love – Elizabeth Bennet – Colorway = Sunny Skies

Crystal Palace Yarn – Merino 5 – Colorway =
Merino 5

Sock Wars III – this is where you stop reading Sir Knits A Lot! (who is currently blogless but I may be able to convince him to start one. He seems very interesting and he’s a very talented knitter! – he needs to share with the rest of us!)

I have finished the socks and will be shipping them off tomorrow to Australia. They’ve been a bit daunting for me, not so much the pattern as the gauge. I started knitting these a total of 4 times on 4 different kinds of yarn. Finally, I had gauge on my swatch with Ellen’s Half Pint Farm 100% Merino, no colorway noted. I merrily went along my way and when I got done with one sock I thought – uh oh. Why do these look so big??? Fortunately, it won’t be an issue as the person I knit for is a man but I couldn’t figure out why my gauge was off after having made that swatch.

I reached back in my brain and remembered something taught to me long ago – if you’re going to knit in the round, do your swatch in the round, if you’re going to knit flat, do your swatch the same way. Why? Because 99.9% of the time people will knit to a different gauge in the round than they do going back and forth on a flat piece of work. It may be ever so slight or it may be quite a difference but there usually is a difference. (My husband’s friend has feet just a bit larger than what Sir Knits A Lot noted and he was confident they should be fine so I’m going on faith that they’ll fit.)

Blocked SW Socks for JS

Enjoy your day, everyone. Ta Ta!





4 Responses to "No Power? No Problem!"

Nice yarns! Love the purple flowers. Can you believe that I like purple now??

Are you doing Sp12? I think sign ups end tomorrow.

I am so jealous of you lilacs.They are my favorite too.They are long since gone around here though.
Nice yarn!

I especially like the first three colors of yarn. I might need some Oceanwind – I gave my skeins away. The Lilacs are fabulous. I need a great big tree in my yard because I love the smell.

BAD, BAD GIRL!! Not because you bought yarn, but because you didn’t let me know you were going to place an order…we could have bundled and saved on shipping! j.k. But I do love the colors you chose. Our lilac tree is just starting to bloom now; we were hoping it would be in full bloom by the 22nd but I think it’ll be pretty much done by then. My headlamp is still in the trailer…I hadn’t thought about using it for knittin’ so I’m gonna have to grab that on Wednesday when I go up there (by the way, the refrigerator has a recall so we’re getting it replaced – hopefully this one will have a light inside that works!).

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