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Spring Saucy Sock Swap

Posted on: June 8, 2008

The sock swap has officially ended, packages should have been mailed out on Friday. Alas, the moderator – that would be ME – has not yet sent her package. But I’ve notified my pal and she’s okay with that. I over-committed myself the last 6 – 8 weeks what with doing Sock Wars III (haven’t received my socks yet but I understand they’re somewhere in the U.S., the socks I sent to my target should be there later this coming week in Australia), made a Tulip Sweater for a baby shower (that was actually April and part of May), and of course the Spring Saucy Sock Swap I set up with Metyme. Work didn’t help either because that affected my mood not to mention my knitting gauge so there was a LOT of frogging going on.

I don’t know about you but when I have to rip something out multiple times I start to lose interest in whatever it is I’m knitting and I’ll put it off and put it off and put it off. Because by then then I’m just darn ticked off and isn’t knitting supposed to relaxing?? Grrr. I will also confess here and now that I do not like the toe on the Saucy Sock – sorry – it’s just too thick and pointy to me. Maybe wearing it won’t feel that way, I didn’t put them on when I was done. I re-did the first sock 3 or 4 times (the toe, that is), I couldn’t get the decrease edges to look as nice as I can on other socks where I’ve done the basic stockinette toe and decreases. Just frustrated me. This pattern has you doing a modified bird of paradise (or whatever it’s called) on the top and bottom of the toe at the same you’re doing decreases. It brings you down to a total of 16 stitches from 60 at the foot over 32 rows. Oy. I hope La Verna forgives my sock toes, I’m even including a little extra something in hopes she will (bribery works wonders, I’m just saying).

I’ll provide pictures in another post once I know La Verna has received the socks, I don’t want to spoil anything for her by showing too early. I will tell you that even though I wasn’t tickled about the pattern the saving grace was the yarn. I used Dream In Color, Smooshy in Some Summer Sky. No splits!! Which is incredible for me because I’m a picker and not a thrower so there’s always the chance of me doing that but this yarn is awesome. 🙂

The neighbor’s puppy, Mack, is getting bigger, nearly 14 pounds. He has so much personality and he just loves to play with his ‘uncle’ Mickey and goof around. In the first picture below Mack and Mickey are wrestling, Mack was previously just underneath Mickey and rolled out, they moved too fast to get a good picture. But you get the idea. Mack also likes to follow behind Mickey and chomp at his tail! But Mickey has so much patience and you can tell he’s having fun with the little guy, he never bites at him at all although he does give him a warning growl when he’s had enough. Then Mack just walks away and finds something else to do.

Happy Sunday!


2 Responses to "Spring Saucy Sock Swap"

Is the dog’s name just “Mack” or is it short for something? Baby boy number 2’s name is Mackenzie, and we’ll be calling him Mack 🙂

What a cute pup!

Oh, he is a sweetie pie, isn’t he?

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