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What Are The Odds?

Posted on: June 9, 2008

That my best friend who signed up to do her first swap in swap-bot, gets ME as her partner? Well, I think 9 people participated in the Spring Saucy Sock Swap so you can figure out the odds that way. But what a flippin’ hoot! I could have sneaked a look to see who was making socks for me because as the host you can do that, but I’ve always liked being surprised on swap-bot instead. So a box shows up today and I’m thinking it’s my new work bag and it’s something even better – a box of goodies from Metyme. I laughed and giggled while opening everything, hubby was watching with raised eyebrows and said – well, she was having fun! She noted on the notes enclosed that the day I was at Yarnover asking what kind of yarn to get for her partner, she had to scramble to answer because she had me and she didn’t want me to have socks that I’ve already seen the yarn. Very sneaky, CP!!

Here’s the goodies for you: Each item was wrapped in brightly colored tissue, sorry, was too anxious to dig in so I didn’t get a picture of everything pre-opened but I do have pictures of the goodies. Keep in mind the name of the swap – Spring Saucy Sock Swap. This woman needs to go into advertising or something creative, I’m just saying look at the tags!

The salsa is so good, it’s really hot – I tried it last year while camping with Metyme, her hubby and my hubby. It’s called D L Jardine’s Habanero salsa. Whoo, that will bring sweat to your upper lip – and then some. The candle is lilac (yum), the stitchmarkers she made from the cane of polymar I got her from Yarnover in April (they turned out really good!) and then there’s a kick butt frame. In the center is a magnatized surface, you cut out the picture, place it on there, then place the disc / clear cover over it and it sticks. Very clever!

But the really cool thing is the socks and you want to see the socks close up, don’t you? She also included a cute little package of post-its in the shape of what? A flower. Get it? Spring? Ha ha!! 

Thank you so much, CP, this means so much to me. You put so much thought into the package and let me tell you, anybody who gets you on swap-bot in the future will be very blessed indeed. Except they’d better not get a BFF frame. Wink. See you on Thursday when you will be getting a big arse hug!


Along the south side of the house we have some ant plants – they smell so good but they attract ants. Can’t think of what they’re called. Anyway, that’s what this is.

Planted some flowers in the flower boxes, this is a Vinca.

Bought hanging plants as well – Double Impatiens – it’s ivory and pink. Can you see the little bug at the top of the flower in the middle?

This is an Ivy Geranium –

Time to go watch All My Children, enjoy your nights (or days), everyone! 

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That’s a great package you got there hun! Lucky you!

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