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Posted on: September 6, 2008

Remember the lace scarf I started that I mentioned in my previous post? At this point in the pattern my husband said he thinks it looks like the beginning of a thong for the character Greenlee on All My Children. Married forever, he and I.

Here’s the progress:


How about those Flat Feet socks I made. I can’t think where the pattern is or what it’s called (it’s free online somewhere) but it has a ribbed instep, which I will like when I knit these again in a different yarn. Below is the finished product along with a couple of close ups of the Flat Feet yarn in progress. Unfortunately, the socks are too big for me but alas, I have a step-daughter who is nearly 5′ 10″ and will fit her perfectly. Lucky girl.

Finished Flat Feet Socks

Flat Feet Sock Close up

Flat Feet Sock Close up

I participated in a swap on swap-bot before my hell started this summer and I made my pal a polka dot apron, it was a blast to make. The swap was to include an apron, a hand towel, a kitchen tool, a jar of spices and a recipe book. You could purchase or make the items. I made the apron (using grosgrain ribbon for the tie instead of fabric), two hand towels and a potholder – turns out I had enough to do that so I had a great time making them.

Kitchen Goddess Swap

I’m still waiting for my package. The person who is to send to me said she sent it already. I asked for a copy of a receipt or tracking number, nothing. She said she will resend. She left me a message saying she shipped a new package to me but she didn’t send me a tracking number so we’ll see.

Here’s the deal – if you participate in the swaps? It’s SO worth it to pay the 60 cents for delivery confirmation. At least then you have proof you sent. You may have to purchase and resend items to keep your rating up but at least your integrity is in tact.

Frankly? I’m not 100% sure she sent it the first time. Why? My husband is at home ALL THE TIME. Not only that? The mailman and the UPS guy pretty much know me now and look for him to give my packages to because they laugh about it (gee, another one??). So, either the stuff truly got lost in transit or it was never sent. But why she won’t produce a receipt from the post office is beyond me. And I’ve heard through the grapevine that she’s had a few other problems so we’ll see if the replacement package shows up or not.

Here’s the lapland hand garment in process from the workshop I took. The needles? Size 00. Oh, the cream yarn is kinky not because it’s Flat Feet yarn but because I did some ‘un-knitting’. Oops.

Lapland Hand Garment

Lapland Hand Garment

See ya!


4 Responses to "Knitting Updates"

OMG! That is a scary bunch of different yarn on a stick for the Lapland project. Definitely not a trveling project for working on while waiting in line, etc. Nice lace scarf/thong too.

Welcome back! You’ve been missed! All that yarn for you Lapland project is making me twitchy. eep!

Don’t you just love flat feet? I got a skein as a gift and right now I’m hoarding it. I don’t want to use it yet!

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