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It could be cancer

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Yep. Maybe. Most likely. We’ll see.

Three years ago hubby had a kidney and the tumor that had embedded itself in there removed. Not a fun time. But he recovered quickly, went to his follow up CT scans and we thought all was well.

A few months ago he started not feeling 100%, a little run down, tired. Thought maybe just an infection of sorts and would go away on its own. Naturally, being the stubborn person that he is he refused to go see the the doctor. When he finally did this past Thursday (because his breathing was becoming very impaired from very little exertion), guess what? They discovered fluid in his right lung cavity and his abdomen. They called the hospital and he was admitted. He called me at work and I left to come home and get a ride over there from the neighbor. I should say right now it is not lung cancer or his heart, both look great. In fact, it’s a mixed bag of good and not so good things.

BAD: They drained over 2 liters of fluid from his body and there’s still more there. However, because the lung itself has had this pressure on it for so long they can’t remove it all at once. As it is, he reacted negatively after the 2 liters. He was sound asleep and developed a high fever, his bp skyrocketed (148 / 95) and his pulse was in the low 100’s. They gave him something to break the fever but he had to suffer the shakes and shivers until it did. Then he really was wiped out.

GOOD: The benefit from the fluid being removed is that the pressure was relieved which helped his breathing. They should be removing more this coming week.

BAD: This fluid still needs to be analyzed because they don’t know what is is, where it’s coming from and exactly how to stop it. Also, depending on where it’s coming from, that particular organ or whatever, could be cancerous. Or it could be a one of a kind strange infection. But they doubt that. In fact, the oncologist said he thinks it’s related to the kidney cancer but he wouldn’t say for sure until more analysis is done. I believe we should know this Monday.

BAD/GOOD: In order to stop the fluid from continuing to fill the lung / abdomen cavity they may need to do surgery and put in what they call a barricade made of talc (think baby powder) that will stop it from getting in there. My question? Where would it be diverted to??

MAYBE BAD: They did a CT scan and discovered nodules on the outside of his lung. They will need to biopsy one of them, probably next week or so to see if it has cancer or if it’s one of those things that just grow and never do any harm. But if memory serves me I seem to think he thought we’d know more about that on Monday as well but not sure how if they haven’t done a biopsy. Too much info coming at us…hard to remember it all.

SUPER GOOD: The existing kidney is doing great. Since it’s much easier in life to exist with at least one good kidney rather than zero, this is a super good thing.

GOOD: He is not diabetic, his suger levels are fine and his cholesterol is normal.

So we have no answers yet as to fluid issue and the nodules and I’m trying my darndest to not speculate and think the worst. I’m just knitting and hanging out with him watching Tremors 3. Have you ever seen any of those movies?? They’re definitely B rated movies but really fun to watch.

I need to get out to Ravelry for a quick minute and then back to knitting. I’ll keep you updated. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, just help me keep him around 20 or 30 more years, okay??


9 Responses to "It could be cancer"

Sending you both good thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and don’t forget to breathe. Hugs, S

Praying. Keep us posted and updated as you can.

Oh, I’m so sorry. Hope it is all less alarming than it sounds.

I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s health problems. I do hope (and pray) that he will be well soon.

Sending good thoughts your way.

{{HUGS}} you’re in my thoughts. I can’t even imagine what’s going through your head right now. Sending positive, healing vibes your way.

I’ll be thinking of you both!

Sending prayers and good thoughts. Stay strong!

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