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Update plus the Coen Brothers

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Let’s do fun stuff first.

The Coen brothers are in my city filming a movie called “A Serious Man” – about 1 mile from me. They wanted a neighborhood that had just the right look that they remember from when they lived in St Louis Park (I grew up there, what a coincidence, huh?), but it had to be one that looked like it did 40 years ago but they couldn’t find one because of all the mature trees. We had a huge storm a number of years ago that took out a TON of trees and guess what? The Coens found a block that lost so many trees that it was perfect for the movie. I believe they’re shooting the intro for the movie there. As I understand it, the homeowners had the fronts of their houses redone and landscaping as well to make it look more fitting to the period. Cool, huh?

No, I haven’t ridden my bike there yet but we’ve driven by the street. Police in the way, what can you do?

Update on hubby (see previous post for what’s going on):

First of all, thank you SO much to all of you who have left comments. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to me. Seriously – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

Good: Test results show no cancer in the fluid nor any disease in it either (means nothing grew when they took a culture of the fluid).

Unknown: Still don’t know where the fluid is coming from but the oncologist said, and I quote: we all leak a little inside. Hmm. Eeew.

Next Up: Surgery next Wednesday, 9/24. They will drain all fluid present, put in the barricade to stop the flow of fluid to the chest and abdomen cavities and take a biopsy of the nodules they found on the outside of his right lung to determine if cancerous or not (I’m not sure but I would think they would go analyze this while he’s still in surgery in case they have to do something else – God forbid another organ being removed – but I’m not sure. It seems that would be the case, otherwise, it’s another invasive surgery if they wait). He’ll be there Wednesday through Friday.

That’s it other than to say that I’ve still not seen my swap package from HL in swap-bot nor a response to the numerous methods of contact I’ve attempted (yet she is definitely in swap-bot darn near everyday – you can tell, it shows the last date a person logged in – but she apparently is ignoring me) but I’ve decided to just write it off to bad luck. Hope she has a wonderful amount of guilt about not following through. If anyone is on swap-bot doing a swap and you want to know her id to make sure she doesn’t get into your swap, send me an email and we’ll chat.


4 Responses to "Update plus the Coen Brothers"

Good to hear F is so far so good. Scary!

I recommend the Coen bros’ new movie ‘Burn After Reading,’ especially if you find you need a good laugh with all the stress. It’s darkly funny (like Fargo).

Coen Bros and no cancer. Good news all around. Sending good vibes for the surgery (and I hope the nodes are ok). I adore the Coen Bros! And have to get out to see their new flick with John Malcovich, Brad Pitt, Frances McD, etc.

Seriously? My mom still lives in SLP, over by Oak Hill Park. What year did you graduate HS?

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