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Knitting – Yes, I’ve Been Knitting!

Posted on: October 4, 2008

Right off, just so’s ya know I’m not going to post much of anything else about hubby’s cancer here. I’ve set up another blog at http://cancerhat.wordpress.com to do that. I really need to keep them separate, you know?

Okay, now for a giggle. No, I did not knit this. I hosted a mitten swap a couple of years ago and one of the participants sent this pair to a super nice woman and claimed since they fit her, why was the recipient having a problem with them? Hello?? I posted about this on swap-bot because I am hosting another mitten swap and there are a ton of comments at flickr on it. I love the one about how she nearly wet herself when she saw them!

How Not to Knit Mittens

I did, however, knit up a pair of Snuglets. It’s taken me all summer because I wasn’t knitting for a while and then I would knit more than one thing at a time. Well, other than the laces / ties and putting the ‘safety suede’ on the bottoms, they’re done. Finally! And just in time as the weather is getting chillier. When you go check out the site, the ties they show are not the ties I have. Mine are black elastic and have a rather elaborate set up, at the site they show what looks like white yarn. Once I get the ties on I’ll pop a picture out here.

All of the pieces before sewing together and felting. The lighter color is alpaca and the dark is wool.


The sole before:


The upper part before:


After felting (still need the ties, remember, but these are going to be so warm!):


That’s it for tonight. Enjoy your evening, everyone.


2 Responses to "Knitting – Yes, I’ve Been Knitting!"

What gorgeous slippers! The transformation from assorted pieces to felted beauty is amazing. Thoses are some odd shaped mittens. Very unusually shaped thumb.

Every time I see those mittens I get a good chuckle. And when I see bad knitting I think of those mittens!

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