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Contest Time!

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Well, my blogoversary is coming up in 10 days. I’ve decided to host a contest for some lucky person to win enough yarn to make a pair of socks or a scarf or a hat or a pair of mittens. My choice on the color and type of yarn BUT do know that I don’t buy cheesy or yucky yarn. I have some good stuff, my friends. All good. Trust me. πŸ™‚

What do you have to do?

==> Leave a comment on this post only, with your guess of how many posts I will have made to this blog since I started it in 2006, no later than midnight, CST, October 28th.

==> If there are any duplicate guesses I will put the names in a bowl and have hubby draw a name to determine the winner. If there isn’t a correct guess then the person who is closest without going over will be the winner!

==> Only one guess/comment per person, please.

==> The winner will be announced on my blog on October 29th.

Easy right? So start guessing!


34 Responses to "Contest Time!"

Hi! I’m going to guess 152 blog posts. Congratulations on your anniversary.

I say 231… well done on reaching this milestone!

I’m guessing 159, and congrats!

227? Happy blogiversary!

223 posts is my guess.
Happy Blogaversary! my 3 year blogaversary is tomorrow! oct 21st!

I’ll guess 226 posts and congrats!

Congrats on your anniversary! I’m guessing 193!

I’ll guess 240 posts. Congrats!

congrats on your blogiversary!!! Hmmm, i will guess 261 times posting!

Congrats on your blogiversary! I’m going to guess 224.


Congrats! I’ll go with 225 posts.

That’s a great anniversary — congrats! I’ll guess that you posted 255 times.

Happy Anni-blogi-versary!! My guess would be 228 – and btw, love the picture of the mittens! I think sometimes participating in a swap means getting the more.. eccentric swapped objects – loved the picture! πŸ™‚

Happy Blogiversary! Hmm, my guess is 303.

224? Happy blogoversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

I’ll guess 226 posts.

Happy blogaversary – My guess is 224.

Thanks for a fun contest

my guess is 199. Thanks and happy blogiversary.

Happy blogiversary! My guess is 263 posts. You make such beautiful things!

Happy blogiversary. My guess is 225.

Happy Blogaversary! I’m going to guess 227 posts (including this one). Thanks for letting me play!

I’ll guess 224 posts and a very happy blogiversary!

[…] sent on time. So if you are in a swap with me, relax, everything will be just fine. I promise. 5. Contest! The contest will continue as noted in the post. 6. I get the entire last two weeks ‘off […]

Are you counting future posts up until the 28th or just posts up til this one? Curious.

281? Just a guess!

I’ll guess a nice even 200

I’m going to guess 226

Well, Im going to say 399. πŸ™‚

I’ll guess 226.

Congrats! 231 posts seems like a good guess to me.

My guess is 252

I’m guessing 412.

Happy blogoversary!
My guess is 219 posts.

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