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Winds of Change

Posted on: October 22, 2008

I was going to title this The Good, The Bad and The Ugly but that might be copyrighted so I won’t. Just kidding. Feeling kind of odd right now. Why? Well, let’s start with ugly stuff so we can move right into the good stuff and we’ll completely bypass the bad stuff.

The Ugly
1. Found out today my last day of work will be December 19th. Bunch of layoffs. Kind of sucks when you think that as of that date, December 19th, I will have been there 24 years, 8 months and 3 days. Where’s the loyalty, eh??

2. I don’t have a degree, I have experience in all things finance and Lotus Notes Development skills but no degree so that will be a sucky thing to deal with when trying to find a new job at age 46 next year.

The Good
1. Even though I’m losing my job I have been offered a severance package and because I’ve been there for so long it’s a good one. Nothing that I will share only to say that number two below will be possible.

2. Because I don’t have a degree and I can’t see getting a 4 year degree in the time frame that the severance package would allow me to go to school full time, I will still go to school to learn something that will help me in the future when I start to look for a new job. I’d love to brush up on my Lotus Notes Development skills (databases) to have them up to date but I’m not sure how many places even use it anymore. I’m thinking that Access would be a good thing to pursue as well. I love playing with the blog and did have a blog that I wrote all the HTML code for a few years ago so that could be exciting. Hm. Stay tuned and see what I decide.

3. No more working with certain individuals that have made my life miserable for the last year and a half. I think that deserves three cheers, don’t you? Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!

4. Swaps!!! Never fear, no matter what is going in my life I ALWAYS get my swaps completed and sent on time. So if you are in a swap with me, relax, everything will be just fine. I promise.

5. Contest! The contest will continue as noted in the post.

6. I get the entire last two weeks of the year ‘off ‘ from work. 🙂

Strange as it may sound, I feel as though an albatross has been lifted from my shoulders. With hubby having cancer and starting treatment in a couple of weeks, I’d rather be able to concentrate on him next year. I’m thinking it’s going to get worse before it gets better and for that matter it could just get worse. Isn’t it better that I plan to be with him rather than regret NOT being able to be with him because I’m at work? School is more flexible than work, I may even be able to find something on line and that would be incredibly flexible. That way I’m here if he needs me.

By the way, unlike when I freaked out and stopped blogging for a while this summer because of the job issues at that time I realize now that’s exactly when I should have been blogging. I have so many friends who read this silly blog and that means tons of support. Duh.

Speaking of which, if you do leave comments, please know that they are all read and are all appreciated. I can’t promise I’ll be able to respond to each and every one of them (I try!) but do know they all bring a smile to my face.

Take care peeps, I’ll be back later this week.


9 Responses to "Winds of Change"

You know, I honestly think that things happen for a reason. Whether that reason is there because certain powers make it so, or because we, as human beings, just naturally make a reason, it’s there nonetheless.
This job thing, this is your chance to enjoy as much time as possible with the hubby. This is your chance to rest up, make memories, build your nest and prepare for the road ahead. Screw that job – something better will definitely come of it. So, with that, HUGE congrats to you! See you this weekend! Yay!!

Buck up Buttercup! Things are meant to be better.
(Seriously? 26 years? That SUCKS.)

Being laid off certainly does stink, but getting a package and having it happen just at the time your husband needs your support (I’m a cancer patient and can say that with certainty – even if he doesn’t ask for it, he needs it) makes this a good time for it to happen. And if the job has been stressful, that is something that no one ever needs, but especially now you both need peace.

I hope wonderful positive things happen for you. Often as one door closes, another opens. And school might be just that door.

And isn’t it nice to have a community all around the world cheering you on?

yup, i agree. things happen for a reason and sometimes we cannot see immediately what those reasons may be or why they make sense… but i think this happened for good reasons. Does so suck though that you had so many years there and cannot “retire” from there, even if you cannot collet for years. Chin up, it will all be ok, maybe even better!

The good far outweighs the bad/ugly. Your positive outlook wil make all the difference. And you have aplan to make yourself more marketable. My company still uses a Lotus Notes system for tracking and making notes to our cases.

I’m sorry to hear about your job… Just remember, blessings are always disguised!!

Just wanted to send you a big virtual hug and some good vibes! Hope the next year bring you only good things!

Hang in there!! Thinking of you…

Sorry to hear about your job. At least you now have the opportunity to go back to school!

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