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Blogger Etiquette

Posted on: October 26, 2008

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Even go read someone else’s blog intending to leave a comment of your own but instead get pissed off about some idiot who left a mean comment for that particular blogger? Then you leave a comment for that person? I just did that.

There’s a young woman who is pregnant with her second child, a very interesting person. She’s having some problems in her life as we all sometimes do and she vents on her blog.

A person who clearly remains nameless because he or she clearly only set up the google account in order to leave a comment and no trail otherwise for anyone to know who he or she is left these comments.

First comment this person left (exactly as they typed it):

im sorry you are sad & have Nobody to talk to But From reading your Blog, I think sometime you may complain to much about how the friends you do have can’t do stuff When you are Bored.

Also i am sure if the reason people don’t want to hang out with you is because of the way your son acts or because you get Mad When Somebody doesn’t do something you like or say they are going to do.

Second comment this person left (again it’s exactly as they typed it):

I was not trying to be mean. I can kinda relate to how you feel with not having Family or Close friends around & a Husband Who Works Alot & is never home.

Also i think with you having another on the way. Your life is going to change more if your husband is working long hours because he will not be there to help you with our son & your daughter why you are trying to take care of the new baby.

My response (exactly as I typed it):

To ttc#2 and preggonumber2 (you are obviously one and the same) – shame on YOU.

Who are you to pass judgment on Valeta? She sometimes gets frustrated with her life and so she vents on her blog. So do we all, that’s the beauty of blogging – it’s a great outlet for people to do that. Want to see some venting? Go to one of mine, maybe the one about the cancer my husband has and the fact I’m his caregiver now and how it sucks the worst ever. Huh? I’ll leave the link below for you.

I can’t believe you had the audacity to say that maybe the reason people don’t want to hang out with her is because of the way her son acts. You and I don’t know her or her son or her situation enough to make that kind of statement, we only know what she wrote. There may be more information that she’s not going into for her own reasons. So you shouldn’t be passing judgment like that.

I also don’t believe for a moment you’re sorry about her being sad because you not only give her a hard time about her son in that comment, you then dismiss her making comments about how she wants to do things with her friends but they can’t. Who are you to tell her what you think is her problem or offer what you construe to be advice? When leaving a comment for a stranger, usually one tries to be more uplifting and not cruel. If you meant to say something different, and I don’t believe you did, think before you hit that submit button in the future when leaving comments.

It seems obvious to me that you’re probably not even a real friend of hers anyway as you don’t even have the courtesy to leave a real link to a real blog so we know who you are. The fact you didn’t leads me to believe you just like leaving mean comments on blogs. Coward.

Oh yes, here are the links to my real blogs and my email:


Patty (my real name)

I probably overreacted with that comment but I see this so much and it pisses me off that a total stranger who hides themselves behind a bogus name leaves stupid ass comments that hurt. Valeta is a nice person, she’s young, she has problems and issues and probably doesn’t give all the gory detail of her life. Except for my cancer blog, I rarely do either. Grrrr. Chaps my hide but good.

Speaking of the cancer blog – if you haven’t been out there lately, here’s the latest nastiness. The kidney cancer has metastasized to hubby’s bones. All of them. The previous tests (CT and MRI) that were done didn’t reveal that so we (hubby and I) assumed all was well. Then they did a bone scan. Holy shit. It’s everywhere.

The other thing is that we think the cancer has spread to his brain as well. He’s had some issues with talking the last few months and the fact these episodes have increased is telling us something is up. What I mean by that is that he uses one word when he means another. A couple of examples – candle for calendar, ornament for instrument, it goes on. That kind of thing, he says, is what is pissing him off the most. He’s a smart guy, I have learned so much from him over the years and for him to say the wrong word or forget what he said two minutes previous pisses him off and saddens the hell out of me. He said he can handle the kidney cancer and the fact it’s moved into his bones, but leave his brain alone. We should know more tomorrow or Tuesday.

Off to get some knitting done.


9 Responses to "Blogger Etiquette"

You obviously are dealing with a lot.
I’m sorry.

Thanks Guinifer. 🙂

Somehow, we’ll make it through or at least get there together.

oh my. my thoughts are prayers are with you.

Are some people just retarded and have nothing better to do with their time???

You did the right thing slapping back that a-hole commenter. I am sure Valeta appreciates it. Some people are just such douche bags. Good to know that you’d jump right in if someone left a mean comment on my blog.
I am so sorry to hear the bad news about the cancer spreading. It sucks and I am sending good vibes/prayers to you & hubby.

What a nasty commenter! Some people are just so unhappy that they have to go pick on others. It was sweet of you to stick up for Valeta like that.

I’m so sorry to hear about the cancer spreading so far. I’m thinking of you and your husband daily. Talk about crappy news.

One of the reasons I don’t blog is just because of this sort of thing. Being able to vent on your own blog should be a given. Obviously. It is a way of dealing with life’s difficulties. So when a jerk tells you that you have no right to complain is beyond the pale.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. My mother is battling cancer and I understand how difficult it is to be the caregiver and watch someone you love struggle.

I’ve never read you blog before now, but I have one thing to say…
I absolutely hate it when these ignorant people think that they can say any old hurtful thing on someone’s blog. And I do mean ignorant. I mean, hello? Do we need to go back to elementary school and learn grammar? It’s easy enough to proof read your comments before sending them. (Of course, now I’ll probably have some terrible gramatical error in this comment and look the fool)
Thank you for standing up for that blogger and putting that person in check. I applaud you.

Good for you letting that nasty person know what you thought, and so good, I am sure, for the blogger to know that she has somebody on her side!

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. If you want, you could send me his name I will include it in my daily prayers.

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