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An Interesting Thought Or Two

Posted on: November 1, 2008

I was on the bus riding home on Thursday and a thought popped into my head.

How will I feel the last day of work when I’m riding home on the bus? Will I feel elated? Scared? Will I be so excited that I’m starting some new chapter of my life (though stressful due to hubby’s cancer, of course) that I could practically walk the 12 miles home? And the next thought was, how will I feel two or three weeks later when I’m not leaving the house to go to work?

Having worked at the same company for so long (it will be 4 months shy of 25 years the day I leave) there is sort of an understanding with the universe for me (for lack of a better expression) that the company will be there when I wake up each day, the bus will be there to take me there and the same overdone scrambled eggs will be available when I get there. Now when I wake up it will be different. I think at first it will be more like a mini-vacation in that I don’t have to get up to go to work, I can sleep in, I can knit all day, go for walks. But then the day will come where I think, oh, vacation is over, time for work. No work to go to at that point – so then what?

I’m truly not bummed or anything, I do think that something good will come of this. There really is no choice when you think about it because I’m in charge of making that happen. I see myself taking courses in office management and brushing up my software skills like Access. But I also see myself spending a lot of time in the studio working on stained glass panels. I would LOVE to get to a level where I could actually support us on that hobby but for now it’s just that, a hobby. Who knows, maybe I’ll become good enough that I can work just enough hours to get benefits (medical, primarily) and the rest of the time is doing stained glass to help pay the bills.

What I don’t want to see happen is getting stuck in the same rut of a job or string of jobs I’ve had at the Company for the last 24+ years. I basically fell into the Finance/Accounting field, seriously. I have a knack for numbers because I’m a logical person. But once you get into planning and forecasting and essentially what I call ‘fake numbers’ – because they’re just a guess and not a reality – or into run rates and all that jazz, I just want to duck and cover. I like predictability, rules, structure and process far more than ambiguity and when you get to the level of finance that I’ve been in that’s pretty much the case – good old fashioned ambiguity. Yuck. I did enjoy my time in the areas where I could utilize my tech skills but you see what that is, right? Structure, rules, process – rarely ambiguity.

Anyhoo – gorgeous weather last night for the trick or treaters here. Great costumes, lots of fairies and vampires that were really well done. My favorite was the trio of girls as wrapped packages. Each had a box around their upper body down over their butts that was wrapped with paper (one had birthday, one had Christmas and one had flowers) and their heads had the ribbons trailing down and over the box. They also had sparkly makeup on and leggings. Absolutely cute! Then my friend called and told me about the kid who showed up at her door as a whoopee cushion!! The funniest thing though that happened last night wasn’t even at our house. It was at my friends house – she opens the door and there are a handful of older teenagers all in costume who in unison yelled out Happy Halloween and then broke into Christmas carols!!!! They did not want candy, they were just walking around doing that. How cool is that?

Later gators…

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