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Posted on: November 6, 2008

If you recall I mentioned in a previous post that I would award someone with a little gift if they could figure out what the plant is that we received. I still am not sure the correct answer has been posted. From what I understand, we are NOT supposed to eat the mini-tomato/cherry/pepper thingies. So in my mind the contest is still open because all of the guesses point to an edible plant. If you’ve submitted a response there already you can submit another one. I’ll keep reviewing and looking at the suggestions on line and then by the end of next week I’ll just go with whatever seems the closest. I’m glad you’re all having fun with this!

Speaking of fun. I mailed off my mitten swap package yesterday to my pal. I made a pair of felted mittens (my pattern – which I need to update the gauge on there I discovered) in a gorgeous teal which have an inside cuff, non-felted, in white with a strand of the lace weight yarn. Then I included two packages of coffee, one large bar of Starbuck’s chocolate, a snowman ornament, a postcard and I think that’s about it. Below are photos of the mittens in progress and finished along with the stuff I sent. I used Paton’s Classic Merino Wool in Teal with a strand of a lace weight variegated yarn at the same time. The cuff is leftover stash in white with a strand of the same lace weight yearn. I also sent out my mini-mini ornament to my pal and she gets a large Starbuck’s chocolate bar as well.

Before felting:
Mittens pre-felted

After felting:
Mittens after felting, before adding cuff

Inside view of the cuffs:
Inside view of felted mittens

The final package:
Package sent to swap partner

The mini-mitten ornament – isn’t this just precious?
Mini-mittens for swap

I’ve also been knitting a sweater that’s been giving me some headaches but I’m making good progress. I’m using Mission Falls 1824 Wool 100% Merino Superwash in a charcoal color. I’ll be updating Ravelry today and will get pictures out here and there once I take them. I’m also working on a sock for a single sock swap. But I don’t want to post any info about that because I want to surprise the recipient. This swap is hosted by Robyn and is a slick idea. You knit one sock, then mail the sock, the remaining yarn and the pattern to the person she assigned you to. They will make the second sock. That way? No second sock syndrome!

I seem to think there was something else I was going to mention but since I can’t remember, I guess I’ll have to just go make some hot chocolate (all this talk about chocolate, sheesh, must get some) and knit. Once I remember what it was I’ll just post about it the next time. See ya.

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3 Responses to "Updates…"

It still looks like a Jerusalem Cherry to me, and they are not edible, according to what I’ve read. It’s of the nightshade family.

Love the little mittens, by the way!

The mittens and the baby mittens are so so so cute!

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