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My First Dotee Doll

Posted on: November 9, 2008

I’ve signed up for a swap on swap-bot for a candy cane shaped dotee doll (does not need to be striped, just in the shape of a candy cane). Having never made one before I thought I’d better look at the ones that have been made. Oh. My. Goodness.

Check this out at flickr. There are some seriously talented people making these. I’m not sure if the one I’ve made will be the actual one I’ll send for the swap or not as I’m not feeling like I’m up to par on what I’m seeing. Plus, I can’t decide if I should embellish more or not and if I do, how. It seems plain to me. The hair is wire that I curled around a knitting needle and the rest is beads that you see. I totally hand stitched the body together and the widest part is at the face which is about 1 1/4 inch wide. I’ve spent about 6 hours total so far, probably a lot more than the others who have made these but I could just be over thinking what I’m doing. If anyone has any ideas for further embellishment, please feel free to leave a comment! Maybe I can add beading or sequins or something??

Anyway, here’s a look at my first dotee doll. Oh, I think I’m supposed to name her/it. Seems like that’s what they do. I’ll have to ponder that while I go make a mini-stocking ornament to angel for a swap I set up, I have this feeling that one person in particular is going to flake so I want to be prepared.

Click to see larger at flickr.

First Dotee Doll for a Swap


1 Response to "My First Dotee Doll"

I’m quite sure I know what the plant is. Certainly NOT tomatoes. It’s an ornamental pepper plant. They sell them in fall and winter. They either have small round “fruits” (they are fruits in the technical sense but that doesn’t imply edibility) or sometimes small pointy “fruits”.

They are very attractive and look Christmasy and are very easy to grow. I had one like that for a number of years as a student and it got new fruits each year. I finally passed it along when I graduated about a thousand years ago. I wonder how long it lasted.

It does drop leaves and go dormant, as I recall, but that I’m not positive of.

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