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Cancer Update

Posted on: November 16, 2008

I’ll be duplicating this post at the cancer site but wanted to toss out an update on the hubby here.

Back in October (around the 24th) we found out that the kidney cancer had metastasized to hubby’s bones. So he had a treatment on the 27th to attack the bone cancer with a drug called Zometa (we were under the impression it would be a monthly treatment but now are told it will be ‘as needed’). Not only did he experience all of the side effects possible (to the extreme intensity for all of them) but he also experienced a horrible 24 hours of fevers ranging from 101.2 – 103.6.

On the 28th he was to have his first treatment from the clinical study but he called and said look, I have to play hookey here, I feel rotten. I’m puking, my head feels like someone is using a Sawsall to cut it off, I can’t stop shaking, I have a fever, I can’t keep an aspirin down and I’m dehydrated. I don’t think I’m able to do the treatment.

The response? Well, we’ll talk to the doctor and call you back.

They called back about 2 hours later and said he needed to come in anyway to get the other treatment going. That did NOT make him or me happy. He goes to the clinic and not 45 minutes later he’s back home. Yep, they agreed, he should not have that treatment that day. Duh. So they scheduled him for the 30th.

The treatment on the 30th went well, absolutely ZERO side effects except he was tired and slept and rested more than usual that Thursday afternoon and into late Friday morning.

His second treatment for the clinical study was on November 13th. He was in bed at 10 that night and didn’t get out of bed until 4:45pm on Friday. Much longer than the first treatment but still no other side effects. We’re not complaining. Though I have to admit I did go into the bedroom at one point on Friday about 4 and asked – are you dead? Nope. Want me to make some coffee? Yep. Okay.

He was back in bed at 10 and then up at 8:30 to bring me out to Metyme’s (she hasn’t blogged in a while, claims she’s too busy working at a job – gasp – she loves!) where we spent a wonderful day just hanging out and knitting, playing with the cats and Metyme trying to figure out how to convert files so she could play them on her new toy, the iPod Touch, and even though I had a hissy fit earlier in the day with the ATM machine (never you mind) the day was so grand and so very, very needed.

As for whether or not he has cancer in the brain, they told us no. If you recall we thought that would explain the ‘word switches’ he was experiencing. Here’s what is so bizarre. Within a couple of days of the bone cancer treatment, he wasn’t making those word switches anymore like I mentioned in previous posts. Both he and I noticed them for months before the diagnosis – saying calendar for candle, for example. I haven’t heard him do it ONCE since the bone cancer treatment. Whether that has anything to do with the treatment for the bone cancer or not, we don’t care. All we know is, his mind is better and no more word twists. Something to be grateful for, right?

Later gators – enjoy your Sunday!

2 Responses to "Cancer Update"

Glad to hear it’s not cancer in the brain! That is a relief!

Hope everything gets better for you guys soon!

I AM busy with job I DO love…and I’m posting this comment from my new toy!!

It was a fabulous day, PC!

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